Day 7 : Juvet Landscape Hotel

One of the highlight of this adventure, was my stay at the Juvet Landscape Hotel, Europe’s first landscape hotel.

Also the location of the 2015 sci-fi film Ex-Machina, features stunning views, “birdhouse” style rooms, and lies on a sheer river bank in Valldal, West Norway (8 hours north of Bergen).

The Juvet also offers spa services unmatched by local getaways: the facility includes a 15 metre-long glass sheet facing the flowing river as it winds its way up under the hotel.

We stayed in the “birdhouse,” a small treehouse-type room, with two small levels, and a breath-taking view of Norway’s fantastic mountains. This room will cost you about $163 CDN per person. That price also includes breakfast.

I would come back here in a heartbeat. Thank you to Eric, who greeted us and treated us with incredible hospitality during our stay. Much love from Canada.

juvet-1-of-7 juvet-2-of-7


juvet-4-of-7 juvet-5-of-7 juvet-6-of-7

Utter perfection. I wish I didn’t have to leave so soon.



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