How to prepare for bass fishing?

The beginning of the season will be the perfect time to introduce your friend (s) to bass fishing – which begins mid-June in Quebec. Despite its small size, they are known for giving quite the fight; and is probably the most prized fish by sport fishermen.

We’re talking about a fish capable and likely to attack your lures. Let’s see how you can find one at the end of your line!

Where to find bass?

Bog Landscape

To find bass early in the season, you will have to search where the water is less deep, 10 feet and under.

In addition, search for calm  fishing sites on gravel beds exposed to the sun, but at the same time protected by “structures” such as faster currents, logs, rocks, etc.

Remember that the waterway does not get warm in the same spots. So early in the season, walk to your lake and find the place where the water is warmer.

What techniques to use for bass?

We are finally in the thick of it!

If you only had one rod to catch this type of fish, it would be probably be a rod that is 6 feet 6 inches with medium to medium heavy power rating.

Add a braided line on to a spinning reel and you are good to go! Stick to your budget: the important thing is to go out and fish.

Techniques such as spinnerbait and jerkbait are very effective to locate the fish and cover a lot of ground in a short time. Use the spinnerbait in areas covered by seaweed.

Once you find the prime fishing spot, drop the anchor! Then use more precise techniques to cast your rod close to structures. I’m talking about plastic lures, tube bait or even crankbait.

When it comes to fishing in shallow water, also known as sight fishing do not forget your polarized sunglasses.

Top 4 bass lures to use at the beginning of the season

  1. Jerkbait – Rapala X-rap
  2. Spinnerbait – Revenge Series
  3. Tube – Strike King Coffee Tube
  4. Drop shot – Berkley Twichtail

Fish responsibly!