Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Want to offer quality time and memorable moments in the fresh winter air to your family and friends this year? To get them outside and loving the outdoors as much as you do, get your gift-giving senses tingling with our unique list of gift ideas!

For the little ones

Keeping your kids away from screens is easy when a pair of purple snowshoes and ear muffs with owls on them are waiting by the door! To stimulate your child’s adventurous spirit and encourage your little one to get outside, why not offer outdoor gear that is just like Mom and Dad’s – but kid-sized! Sleeping bags, walkie-talkies, hiking packs, thermoses with fun designs, tuques, mitts, boots…the list goes on and on! And for your tiny little bundles of joy, have you considered a baby carrier for the next family expedition, or a stuffed animal to keep them company? (Yup, we’ve got those, too!)

Gift ideas for kids

For those who are ready for adventure

If the person you’re looking to spoil is an outdoor enthusiast, you’re come to the right place! From technical clothing, to GPSes, to 3-season tents, you won’t be at a lack for options. And, if you’re thinking more along the lines of a host/hostess gift or a little surprise to pop in a Christmas stocking, we’ve also got you covered. Here are some ideas on the fly: a lamp, a Swiss Army knife, an insulated water bottle, a first-aid kit, bags of freeze-dried food, lip balm, sunglasses…take your pick!

Gift ideas to brave winter Gift ideas for adventurers

For the hunters

Hunting for gifts? You could offer camouflage clothing, or a new flannel shirt to the hunter in your life. He or she already has all the necessary attire? Check out hunting accessories! From cleaning kits to calls, the possibilities are endless, and you’ll have your hunter friend looking forward to next fall with anticipation in no time! Car mats, steering-wheel covers, and whiskey glasses with hunting and fishing designs will remind them of good hunting memories once the winter sets in. A good knife or a compact hunting camera may also surprise someone who thinks that they’ve already got all they need.

Gift ideas for hunters

For the anglers

If you’re fishing for gifts, take note you are not stuck in a rut of offering only fishing poles for the rest of your life! How about a new reel, a sonar, a fishing case or holster, spoons, or lures? A waterproof clothing ensemble with hood and rubber boots could also make someone’s day if they he or she isn’t afraid to go out fishing in rainier weather. Know an ice fisher? Offer a fishing shelter, a toboggan to transport equipment, or boots and mittens that are sure to please anyone heading out onto the ice on a cold day!

Gift ideas for anglers

Gifts for those who like to cozy up by the fire

Is the person you’re shopping for a bookworm who stays by the fireside with a cup of hot cocoa? Well, this person will be in for a treat with memory foam slippers, warm winter socks, or cotton loungewear. This type of person might also enjoy a fun mug, unique pillow, or big, comfy scarf and throw to snuggle up on a cold day. A MiniEspresso kit is also a unique idea if weekends at the cottage are frequent over the course of the winter.

Cosy gift ideas

For more outdoor holiday gift ideas, visit our holiday gift ideas page or come in to one of our stores to ask for advice from one of our specialists. Still can’t decide? Pick up a couple of gift cards and let your friends and family select something special that they’ve had their outdoor eye on for a while now. Happy Holidays!

Gift ideas for everyone on your list