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The Top 10 Best Activities for an Unforgettable Spring Break

After the holiday season, it seems like winter will never end, and spring seems to be so far away. Spring break and its multiple activities are what we all look forward to as marking the end of winter. Yet, the mistake we all make is letting this week creep up on us without having prepared for it at all, full of hope, but void of plans. For families who aren’t leaving the country to fly south, the week goes by with TV on the couch, while the kids run around more bored than they would be if they were in school.

So, this year, get ready to enjoy your spring break to the fullest by mapping out your activities beforehand. Get ready to enjoy this time and make memories with your family with these 10 fun activities!

  1. Go snowshoeing

Let’s set the record straight, snowshoeing isn’t a super demanding sport reserved for elite athletes. On the contrary, snowshoeing is accessible for everyone in addition to being a very affordable sport. There are many different varieties of snowshoes for all different types of terrain (mountainous, touristic, or uncharted), you just need to have the right equipment for a successful outing. Make sure that the whole family is dressed in layers.

  1. Skating on outdoor trails or rinks

Frozen trails through the forest are starting to become popular places to enjoy this sport, while municipalities are doubling their efforts to organize themed skate nights on outdoor rinks. Outdoor skates with extra lining will allow you to enjoy this activity for longer periods of time. Don’t forget to keep your head and hands covered to avoid catching cold.

  1. Cross-country skiing

To introduce the whole family to cross-country, grab some breathable base layers and a waterproof snowsuit. There are boots that are specially designed for cross-country skis, but the skis can also be
A-OK with a pair of regular winter boots. Opt for a pair of mitts to keep your hands warm while holding onto those ski poles.

  1. Luging

A classic winter activity, luging has been a favourite since its creation. For a really fun day, select comfortable clothes and insulated boots to keep your feet warm (the kids and yourself!) Woolen socks and foot heaters are great to help with that. Why not also bring along a nice, comforting insulated bottle of tea?

  1. Snow sculptures

Snowmen are so last year! For a fun time in the snow, give yourselves a challenge and try making a snow bear or snow cat! When you’re done, how about building a fort with your kids around the fireplace and enjoying a hot chocolate?

  1. Winter festivals

Get outside and go enjoy one of the many festivals and outdoor activities offered in your neighbourhood. The Montreal Lights Festival has been in full swing almost all winter and has some fun exhibits to check out. To enjoy these moments spent outdoors, opt for a thinner snow pant that will keep you warm without being cumbersome. Warm accessories and a base layer will be appreciated greatly by all.

  1. Wall climbing

If you tend to feel colder, why not try indoor wall climbing. This safe activity is convenient for all levels and certain climbing centers have Clip N’ Climb options! A pair of good running shoes, sports attire, and gloves will help you to optimize your experience. Children can have fun on the beginner or kids’ climbs, while adults can attempt angled walls and trickier courses.

  1. Trampolines!

Trampoline centers are a spring break must for the whole family. Crazy fun jumps, basketball hoops, the possibilities are endless. But…don’t go jumping in jeans and a wool sweater! The trampoline is a much more demanding feat than you might imagine. Dress the family in breathable sportwear for comfort and more hours of fun.

  1. Indoor swimming pool

Grab your swim cap and suit and head on out to the municipal pool. Most aquatic centers offer – in addition to free swims – family swim times where younger children can learn to swim and have fun with pool toys. It’s a great way to stay active while the snowsuits are hanging to dry.

  1. Get out those rackets

With a family badminton outing, fun and athleticism are guaranteed. Arm yourself with a badminton racquet, birdies, and training shoes to optimize your experience. Reserve a court, grab your water bottles, and enjoy!

For a successful spring break this year, make sure to keep the whole family warm with the right accessories. Organize your activities in advance and get the most out of your week off. And above all, have fun!