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Truarc Mirror Compass

Sku _345396 Code F-TRUARC15

Truarc Mirror Compass

Sku _345396 Code F-TRUARC15


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Drawing upon our classic 15TDCL, the all new TruArc™ 15 is upgraded with a full coverage mirror cover for extra protection, and the TruArc™ Global Needle system with Ever-North™ rare earth magnets. The high-visibility cling lends low-light and night time performance, and the triple clinometers system gives fast and accurate reference information for avalanche safety or earth-science field work.


  • DIMENSIONS: 4” x 2.5” x 0.6” (10.16 x 6.3 x 1.5cm)
  • WEIGHT: 3.2 ounces (91 grams)
    • TruArcTM Global Needle;
    • Ever-North Magnet;
    • Map Magnifier;
    • Sighting Mirror; Bubble Level;
    • Clinometer; Magnified Readout;
    • 1° Resolution.


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Terrible Compass. Spend the money, get the Suunto

I work in forestry and I use my compass frequently, so from a knowledgeable point of view, this compass is a terrible piece of equipment. Mine came with a bubble that continued to expand and affect the position of the needle and the company claimed it was not a defect and would not replace it. The bezel ring goes through to the bottom of the compass so even when it's closed your bearing/azimuth can change without you knowing it if it brushes against your clothing or bumps a branch--this happened to me many times and is a very serious problem if you're traveling by your compass. In addition, they base plate within the ring is not see-through, so when you place it on a map to plot a heading you have to guess if the orienteering marks line up with your grid north. Finally, after two weeks of use, the cheap foil Brunton uses for its mirror began to peel away!

This is a very cheaply made, poorly designed tool that I found so substandard that I had to abandon it. Thankfully Sail allowed me to exchange it--credit to their returns policy and customer service!



Can't read top of dial

The hing for the mirror covers the degree scale at the top of the compass....what the ????

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