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Sku 2822430001 Code 29215


Sku 2822430001 Code 29215

These 2-person double-wide mats are a great choice for any couple, adding extra comfort and insulation while in camp. Warmer and more comfortable than air-mattresses, cots or closed-cell foam pads, these terrific all-purpose mattresses are perfect for car camping trips or at the cottage. See more


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More details

  • Fully bonded foam-fabric construction.
  • Two extra-large high-flow air valves for rapid inflation and deflation.
  • Comes with a stuff sack and web straps for easy packing and storage.
  • 5 cm (2 in) thick


Supplier colour code BLUE
Size 48X72
R Value 6.2
Stuff Bag Included yes
Type self-inflating
Weight 3.5 kg (7.7 lb)
Image Carrousel no_selection

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Not fit for purpose. Not comfortable.

It is TOOOOOO firm. The self inflate is too strong so there's basically no real way of making it softer except possibly over time. I imagine if you leave the valves open and have 5 people sit on it, then close them it might work. So the point of getting this thickness so more give on the shoulders and hips than a thermarest but without the noise of a plastic airmattress but because of the foam and the rapid inflate, it has LESS give than lying on the floor. You basically need to sleep with it with the valves left open. And if you think you're ever going to get it as flat as it came, FORGET IT. We had the both of us lying on it and it doesn't deflate. That's why the carry sack is the size of a 1980's coleman tent. Even then, it was like putting on pantyhose on an elephant getting it in the sack.


Reviewed by Coldpoutine (2017-08-11)

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