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Marlin 79518 in 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle

Sku _297880 Code 70680

Marlin 79518 in 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle

Sku _297880 Code 70680



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  • Swivel studs
  • Adjustable open rear sight
  • Ramp front sight


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Best 22 you'll ever own!

It's cheap, it feels chintzy, it rattles, the sights aren't even straight, and it looks ho-hum....but, it just delivers pure uninterrupted plinking fun. My sample had a slightly canted front sight, so the rear sight had to be drifted over to the side quite a bit, and raised to the max to get "close" to zero at 50 yards. Yeahh, the stock sights are just pitiful, so plan on adding a red dot or cheap scope. What makes the Marlin so exceptional is that it EATS ANYTHING! My 795 ran flawlessly on Winchester white box, Golden bullets, and American Eagle red label. Even more amazing is that I had zero issues using a 25 round pro-mag! After cleaning the action, and re-lubing with Remington Dri-lube, I had no issues cycling American Eagle Suppressor (960fps) and CCI subsonics (1050fps). Even target ammo that was pushing as slow as 850fps would cycle the 795! Astonishing! The manual says to clean after 250 rounds, but so far I'm pushing over 1000 and have had no issues whatsoever and don't see a reason anytime soon to do a tear down. The trigger is plastic, squishy, heavy, and breaks like a piece of licorice. The magazine can be a pain to load, and the safety is kind of an afterthought. However, you get a rugged .22lr that will cycle the cheapest of ammo, and doesn't ask for a cleaning every 50 rounds. Accuracy is as good as any of the sub $500 semi auto's, but it does not come close to the closely related bolt action xt-22 - and why should it either? Truly a "fire and forget" little 22 that could!



Sight issues

Great plinker, but stock sights not so great. I bought Techsights especially for this model to replace the stock sights and found the windage needed to go all the way left to zero the rifle. This is because of a barrel to receiver misalignment (thanks Remington.) apparently common to these rifles, so beware if you want to replace the sights. Unless you use a scope, in which case you’re fine. It’ll pretty much eat whatever ammo you throw at it which is a plus as well.




My first .22... Works great straight out of the box and very accurate. Would recommend it for anyone wanting to have fun.

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