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Hypersonic Steel 12 Ga 3 in. 1-1/8 oz BB Shotgun Shells

Sku 2974290001 Code HSS12B

Hypersonic Steel 12 Ga 3 in. 1-1/8 oz BB Shotgun Shells

Sku 2974290001 Code HSS12B



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The 1,700-fps HyperSonic Steel™ from Remington® Introducing the world's fastest, hardest-hitting steel. With unprecedented velocity and the highest downrange pattern energies ever achieved, new Remington HyperSonic Steel takes lethality to new heights and lengths. To a level of terminal performance where more birds drop with fewer shots, at the farthest reaches of your abilities.


  • Shortens lead by up to 11% - an 8 in. lead difference at 40 yd
  • Puts more pellets in the head and neck for quicker kills and fewer misses
  • Patented Xelerator Wad®
  • 2 Stage System
  • New HOTTER primer ignites small powder charge in chamber, moving entire payload forward slightly to control pressure.


Caliber 79949A5DFCDC2E1BAA5143CB346F84A3
Gender NA
Size BB
Payload 1 1/8 oz
Quantity 25
Shell Length 3 in
Shot Size BB
Velocity 1700 fps





Too long, won't eject

I have a Winchester SXP 3" and I have put several different shells through without ever having a jamming issue. I picked up some Hypersonic 3" 1 1/8oz BB for goose hunting because I liked the idea of the 1700 fps and the downrange knock down power. First shot of the season I took, the shell wouldn't eject after and I missed the opportunity. I couldn't believe it as I had cleaned the gun the night before. I got the shell out and a few minutes later more geese came in, first shot and it wouldn't eject again. I was furious. Switched back to my Winchester loads and no problems the rest of the day. Once I got home I checked the shells carefully and found that the Remington's are about 2mm longer than the Kent and Winchesters I've shot. So I verified my theory and sure enough that 2mm makes all the difference in the world. Haven't had a single issue so long as I don't load any Remingtons

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