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20th Anniversary of Keen’s Newport Sandals: All About This Iconic Model


May 26, 2023


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In 2003, Keen introduced the “Newport,” an original hybrid type of footwear that fell somewhere between a sandal and a shoe. Twenty years later, it is safe to say the model has made history. 

The brand started with a simple goal – yet unfulfilled at the time: to create a sandal that would protect the toes. From there, it succeeded in designing a sandal that is at home everywhere: nautical activities, hiking, canoe-camping… The Keen Newport H2 performs as well in the water as it does on the shore and on the trails. Its iconic style is embraced by many fashion enthusiasts, who recognize it as a strong statement shoe with a real identity. 

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Keen Newport. Here’s our chance to celebrate this unique shoe, so deeply embedded in the brand’s DNA, and to take a look at the Newport H2 sandal.

In this article, you will learn all about the Keen Newport H2 and its remarkable qualities:

  1. The Keen Newport celebrates its 20th anniversary: a look back at this iconic model
  2. What makes the Keen Newport sandals so popular?
  3. The Keen Newport for kids and adults
  4. FAQ

The Keen Newport celebrates its 20th anniversary: a look back at this iconic model

As we celebrate the Keen Newport’s 20th anniversary in 2023, we look back at its original purpose: to provide protection for the toes while still having the look and feel of a sandal. This is exactly what this great hybrid shoe has been doing for the past two decades.

The Keen Newport H2, available for men, women and kids, comes in different versions (and styles!), like the Keen Newport Retro. Regardless of the model, the Newport is always a highly versatile shoe. It appeals to hikers, water sports enthusiasts, travellers and fashion lovers alike, who all appreciate its quirky, “offbeat” appeal.

With the Newport, Keen has managed to deliver a solid alternative to outdoor enthusiasts, halfway between a sandal and a shoe. The model is super comfortable in all kinds of situations and for virtually any activity. If you’re looking for a breathable, ventilated shoe that doesn’t hold you back in your outdoor pursuits, you’ll find a great ally in the Keen Newport. Sturdiness, grip, protection, support… It has it all, or very nearly so.

What makes the Keen Newport sandals so popular?

The Keen brand itself plays with the idea that the Newport may just be “the world’s ugliest sandal.” The model’s unconventional design is actually a big hit among the fashion-conscious of the world – but beyond its distinctive aesthetic, the Keen Newport remains a true outdoor shoe.

The legendary durability of the Keen Newport

Keen’s Newport shoes are made from high-quality materials such as leather and polyester. Not only that, but the seams are known to be strong, the outsole is durable, and the rubber holds up over time. Nothing is spared to ensure they last a long, long time, even when used in the toughest conditions. It is no surprise that so many owners keep their pair of Keen Newport for years.

Keen Newport, for maximum comfort

The Keen Newport is built to take you through all your outdoor activities, from spring to fall. There is a strong focus on comfort: wide forefoot (to give your toes room to move), adjustable elastic lacing system for a snug fit, Aegis Microbe Shield® antimicrobial treatment to reduce odours… all valuable features when you’re enjoying the outdoors.

The Keen Newport sandals also feature a cushioned midsole – another way to provide maximum comfort. Their sole is designed for optimal support, and the shoes’ overall feel is enough to keep you walking for hours!

Keen Newport H2: a multifunctional sandal

Every pair of Keen Newport sandals, whether they are H2, Retro, or whatever, is truly all-purpose and ready for anything. The iconic model is equally fitted for use in the water, on hiking trails, or on city streets.

Hiking enthusiasts and adventurers appreciate the sandals’ razor-siped outsole, which provides maximum grip and traction on any type of terrain – rugged, muddy, or wet. The toe guard on the front also protects feet from rocks, branches, etc., and the sandal aspect of the Keen Newport H2 makes them extra breathable. Perfect for long hikes and hours of outdoor fun!

The Keen Newport for kids and adults

A Keen Newport model for every member of the family

The Keen Newport shoes appeal to everyone – adults and younger people alike. The brand makes different “versions” of its iconic model: the Keen Newport for men, the Keen Newport for women and the Keen Newport H2SHO for kids. Enough to equip the whole family!

Add some colour with the Newport sandals

SAIL carries a great selection of the famous Newport, making sure there’s something for every taste. Whether you shop online or in a store, there are plenty of colours to choose from – and (at least) one pair of Newport sandals that fit your style.

For example, those of us who enjoy bold items and flamboyant style can only love the vibrant colours of the Newport Retro. Youths are also catered for with our wide range of Keen Newport sandals for kids (boys and girls) and even toddlers!

The Keen Newport H2 is celebrating its 20th anniversary with over 30 million units sold – and there’s no doubt that its streak of success is not about to end! A favourite of outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who likes to spend time outside, this model continues to impress with its versatility and toughness.

Put on some Newport shoes, and no activity will be out of your reach! Ready to step up your outdoor game with a pair of these legendary sandals?

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