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September 21, 2023


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Norrona Winter Jacket

“Welcome to nature” – that’s Norrona’s motto, inviting people to head out and enjoy the great outdoors in comfortable technical clothing. The almost century-old Norwegian brand has carved out a place for itself among the best in the outdoor industry by focusing on innovation as well as environmental and social responsibility. Mountaineering, hiking, cycling or alpine skiing, no matter which activity you prefer, Norrona will equip you for your wildest adventures!

In this article, you will learn more about Norrona:

  1. The story of Norrona
  2. What makes Norrona products stand out
  3. Norrona vs. Arc’teryx

The story of Norrona

Have you ever stumbled across its distinctive Viking head logo? Founded in 1929 by Jørgen Jørgensen, Norrona is proud of the Norwegian heritage that has been a part of its DNA for four generations. An avid outdoorsman, Jørgensen had a vision of designing durable equipment that would perform well in the harsh Scandinavian climate.
Nearly 100 years later, the brand has stayed true to its original vision, and its values are still based on the efficiency and practicality of its cutting-edge, performance-oriented products. Norrona also incorporated notions of integrity, innovation and, above all, technical functionality into its identity.
Over the years, this has led the brand to create products that set standards in the outdoor industry, such as its mountain-ready tunnel tent and standard control system for backpacks. Norrona was also the first company in Europe to use Gore-Tex.
In 2023, its product range includes everything from technical mountaineering and hiking clothing to arctic surfing wetsuits, sleeping bags, alpine ski jackets and mountain bike jerseys.

For which sports and outdoor activities are Norrona products suitable?

  • Mountaineering
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Skiing/snowboarding
  • Alpine touring
  • Climbing
  • Camping
  • Trail running
  • Hunting
  • Surfing

What makes Norrona products stand out


Intense outdoor activities like alpine touring, climbing and mountaineering call for ultra-resistant technical clothing; that’s why Norrona has always paid close attention to the durability of its products. For example, the composition of its ski jackets and vests includes materials like Gore-Tex Paclite Plus, a soft, lightweight ripstop fabric. Several Norrona backpacks are also manufactured using Econyl yarn, an extremely resistant nylon fibre made from waste products, including, among others, fishing nets from Norway. Last but not least, Norrona offers a five-year warranty on all its products – and a seven-year warranty for members of its loyalty program.


From conception to production, Norrona’s team of designers and craftspeople strive to push back the boundaries of innovation. The brand’s design philosophy, Loaded Minimalism, is reflected in their drive to create outstanding products that are as sleek and simple as possible but still packed with all the essential features. Over the years, this has led to the design of innovative products that have become a reference in the industry, meeting extremely demanding criteria in terms of comfort, material quality, functionality and finish.

Norrona equipment


Norrona’s minimalist approach also influences the style of the clothing and equipment it creates. Everything is modern and sleek while still being colourful and well-fitting. Several details in the design also add a sophisticated touch, like the technical Y-shaped cut, sealed waterproof seams and the slightly longer back of jackets and vests for added protection. In a word, it’s Scandinavian style with a definite flair!


More than anything, Norrona strives to be a leader among outdoor equipment companies in terms of environmental and social responsibility, aiming to drive this sector of the industry forward – a promise that is both commendable and demanding. To achieve this, the team has set 10 goals to reach by the brand’s 100th anniversary in 2029, including becoming zero waste and carbon neutral, using 100% sustainable materials, respecting animal rights and donating 1% of sales to save the planet and help various communities.
To read more about Norrona’s responsibility objectives for 2029, click here.

Norrona vs. Arc’teryx

The two brands are often compared because of their similar high product quality, environmental responsibility and price range. Arc’teryx’s products are slightly less expensive than Norrona’s, notably because of the latter’s Norwegian design (unlike Arc’teryx, which is now owned by a Chinese group) and its more extensive product warranty (5 or 7 years compared to 1-3 years for Arc’teryx).
As for the clothing and equipment, Norrona tends to have more colourful collections than Arc’teryx. Still, both brands keep things relatively simple, prioritizing ease of movement and technical features over shape and cut.
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Norrona Jacket


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