Nature at the Forefront: Our Selection of the Best Camping Chairs


March 1, 2023


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Best camping chair

Gone are the days when camping chairs were heavy, fragile, and difficult to fold up. The evolution of materials and fabrics, as well as new trends in terms of design, have changed the situation. Camp chairs are now found everywhere, from the depth of the woods to the edge of lakes. The arrival of ultra-light camping chairs extends the possibilities even further, and gives your outings off the beaten track that little extra. For those who prefer car camping or even glamping, rest assured: the 2023 models compete in ingenuity to bring you the best comfort for a minimum of space.

Marc-Antoine, SAIL camping specialist, shares with us the best camping chairs for each type of use, and gives us all the information needed to choose well. So which camp chair will you unfold on your next adventure?

In this article, you will discover the best camping chair models to take with you everywhere:

  1. Our Favourite Camping Chair: the Perfect Blend of Comfort and Versatility
  2. The Best Camping Folding Chair: It Will Bend Over Backwards for You
  3. The Best Rocking Camping Chair: Movement, Even When Stationary
  4. The Best Camping Chair for Children: to Stargaze With Family
  5. The Best Luxury Camping Chair: for Those Who Do Not Skimp on Comfort
  6. The Best Double Camping Chair: to Relax Twice as Much
  7. FAQ

Our Favourite Camping Chair: the Perfect Blend of Comfort and Versatility

When it comes to camping chairs, there are “committed” ones that make no concessions. On the one hand, ultra-light camping chairs, always ready for adventure. On the other, camping chairs that focus on comfort. Our favourite chair is a happy medium. We love it precisely because it is versatile, both during a day of fishing and a long evening by the fire. The icing on the cake: it also offers excellent value for money.

The King Eco folding chair from SAIL is a safe bet, as it combines comfort and practicality. Its sober and refined design incorporates everything you need for maximum ergonomics. High backrest, armrests, padded headrest and elongated seat: it is all there. There is no doubt that you will spend hours in it admiring what surrounds you.

When it is time to head home (or go on another adventure!), the chair will fold almost on its own into its included carry bag. With just over 2 kg on the scale, you will have no trouble getting it to your next drop point!

The Best Camping Folding Chair: It Will Bend Over Backwards for You

Camping chair Sail Alu Packlight

All camping chairs are foldable, yes. But some have been designed to fold up with a finger and to be forgotten during your hikes or cycle touring outings. We are talking about the ultra-light folding chairs here, favoured by hikers and anglers who have a good walk ahead to get to their secret location.

SAIL’s Alu Packlite Eco chair knows how to seduce: featherweight (1.1 kg), ultra-compact when folded, unfailing stability… Slipped into its carrying bag, you will forget its presence past the first kilometre of walking.

All without sacrificing comfort, quite the contrary! With its slanted seat, side pocket and adjustable legs, your folding chair will be your most faithful ally when the time comes to relax outdoors.

The Best Rocking Camping Chair: Movement, Even When Stationary

Camping chair Sail Rocker

For those who like to stay in motion, even seated, there’s the perfect solution: rocking camping chairs! Ideal for rocking gently and enjoying the calm of the evenings by the fire…

A good rocking camping chair should be stable and comfortable. This is the case with our SAIL Rocker model, with its steel structure and straight seat. Do not forget the cup holder and a good pair of armrests! Relaxation is serious business.

Once you are done rocking, your chair will fold up in a jiffy. You can go on an adventure again, already dreaming of the next time you unfold it.

The Best Camping Chair for Children: to Stargaze With Family

Camping chair Sail Campsite Junior

Whether it is going to see a fireworks display or camping by the lake, everyone is entitled to their own chair. When it comes time to relax, everyone should be in the same boat. By offering your child a camping chair adapted to his or her size, you ensure that your loved one has the best time.

There are several sizes and dimensions of children’s camping chairs. Some also have an adjustable height, but most are junior versions of adult models, which often means that the model for adults has proven itself.

The Campsite Eco Junior folding chair from SAIL offers unbeatable value for money. Designed for children up to 30 kg, it will provide your little one with hours of nature contemplation. With its steel structure, this chair is ready for any test, even the most energetic children. With its light weight (1.3 kg), there is no doubt that this first camping chair will allow your child to gently learn about the joys of the outdoors.

The Best Luxury Camping Chair: for Those Who Do Not Skimp on Comfort

Camping chair Kuma LazyBear

Fans of car camping or glamping need a chair that has everything… or almost. Luxury camping chairs put comfort at the centre of the equation through a whole range of accessories: side pocket, drink holder, bottle opener… The backrest is high, the dimensions offer great freedom of movement, the head is held in place by a headrest. Add to that wide armrests, a cushioned seat, even a footstool, and you have the ultimate luxury camping chair.

Kuma’s Lazy Bear heated chair definitely falls into the category of luxury camping chairs. With its integrated heating system, you stay warm even on cold nights. And with its padded back panel and armrests, you will not want to leave it.

Pay attention to the weight though! A “luxury” oriented camping chair is often heavier and bulkier, making it less suitable for transport. No problem, of course, if you camp next to your car or your caravan… Ditto if you are looking for chairs for your chalet: comfort comes first!

The Best Double Camping Chair: to Relax Twice as Much

Double camping chairs are popular on the market right now… Recreating the comfort of your living room in the middle of the woods or at the edge of a lake sure is tempting! Double camping chairs are real little mobile sofas. Perfect for keeping warm.

Double camping chairs support a high weight, and have dimensions adapted to all sizes, leaving sufficient space between the shoulders. Most of them have cup holders and armrests wide enough for everyone to be comfortable, with everything within easy reach.

In terms of weight and transport, a double camping chair is not much bulkier than a “big” single chair. Once folded, it is one and a half times the size of a regular chair, with a slightly higher weight. As you will have understood, this type of chair is more designed for drive-in campsites.

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The camping chair is the multipurpose equipment par excellence. Every outdoor enthusiast deserves a little comfort during a family barbecue or a day of fishing. Given the variety of models available, there is no doubt that you will find the one that will suit your outdoor practice!

Shop online or come see us in store to try our camping chairs in action! And to complete your equipment, take a look at our complete range of camping furniture!

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