Best hiking boots of 2024: Expert picks from 10 leading brands


June 6, 2024


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Best Hiking Boots

Every footwear brand has its own particular style and features, bringing unique benefits and technologies to its hiking footwear. To make your choice easier, we have compiled a list of the top 10 most popular hiking boot brands, along with some of their best models. Get ready to lace up and hit the trails with confidence and style!

In this article, you will discover the best hiking boot models of 2024 from the top 10 most popular brands:

  1. Columbia
  2. Lowa
  3. Merrell
  4. Keen
  5. Salewa
  6. Salomon
  7. Vasque
  8. Aku
  9. Mammut
  10. Zamberlan


Columbia has been dressing outdoor enthusiasts from head to toe for over 80 years. Although this American brand is widely known for its outdoor clothing for several disciplines, it was in the hiking field that it first became popular. Its range of footwear includes aerodynamic and colourful hiking shoes, as well as classic hiking boot styles offering ankle support. Some of its models now rank among the best hiking footwear for both men and women.

If you like sporty outdoor footwear with equal amounts of style and function, then Columbia is the brand for you

Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof

The Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof hiking boots are inspired by classic mountaineering boots, but their style and, more importantly, their technical features are definitely modern. Built with a mix of resistant leather and breathable mesh, they let excess heat and moisture out while effectively blocking water and wind. Their lightweight Techlite™ midsole is cushioned yet supportive, providing good energy return and excellent shock absorption. Whether you hike over rocks, dirt, mud, grass, or all the above, you can count on its good grip, excellent support and long-lasting comfort.

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If you are not familiar with Lowa yet, you should know that the almost century-old Bavarian workshop has now become a well-established brand celebrated for the high quality of its hiking, climbing and mountaineering boots and shoes. The brand makes a point of handcrafting all its products in Europe and ensuring unparalleled quality and good working conditions for the craftspeople who contribute to its reputation.

Lowa is right for you if you are an adventurer who is looking for performance and quality levels as high as the mountains you’ll climb. The brand also makes wider models to cater to the needs of all hiking enthusiasts.

Renegade Mid Gore-Tex

Lowa Gore-Tex Renegade Mid

The Renegade Mid Gore-Tex hiking boots for men and women are among the best hiking boots available right now. With their grippy and durable Vibram® outsole, these boots perform equally well on groomed trails, rough terrain, and slippery surfaces. Plus, they have a Gore-Tex lining that makes them perfectly waterproof and very effective for temperature regulation. Built for support and stability, they feature a hard stabilizing element that can handle the most intense outdoor activities. Their midsole is also engineered to provide plenty of cushioning and solid foot support on hikes both on and off the trails.

The Innox Pro Gore-Tex hiking boots are another excellent choice from Lowa, providing ample cushioning, traction, and exceptional stability as you navigate through dirt, mud, rocks, or any other type of terrain. They also keep moisture at bay thanks to the reliable waterproof-breathable protection of Gore-Tex. Designed for multifunctional outdoor use, these versatile boots are comfortable and flexible enough for everyday life, yet always ready for an adventure.


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You may immediately have an image in mind when you hear the name Merrell, and that’s because this hiking leader stands out for the style, versatility, and remarkable durability of its shoes and boots. The brand recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, and it has done so well over the years, continuously improving its footwear line and broadening its product range to further meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

From longtime hikers seeking a classic, reliable model, to new and occasional hikers looking for a safe bet that will last for many years, everyone can find exactly what they need with Merrell.

Moab 3 Mid

Merrell Moab 3 Mid

Moab hiking boots are undoubtedly a flagship in Merrell’s product range. They have been worn by millions of hikers across the world, and they keep getting better with every new version that comes out. In the Moab 3 Mid hiking boots, the insole is more supportive, the midsole is softer and more cushioned, and the outsole is grippier than ever. Whatever the terrain and conditions, these boots provide optimal traction and excellent shock absorption. Their protective rubber heel and toe cap also keep feet safe from rocks, branches, and other obstacles you may encounter on the trails. The Moab 3 Mid waterproof hiking boots additionally come with a water-blocking membrane that seals out water and lets moisture escape, so feet stay dry and comfortable all through the hike.


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“Commitment” is truly a word that defines Keen. Founded in Oregon in 2003 and known for its famous Newport sandal, the company makes constant social and environmental efforts that have a positive impact. For a decade now, it has worked to eliminate the use of fluorinated compounds known as PFAs, synthetic chemicals that are harmful to the environment and humans, and replace them with safer materials.

If an environmentally conscious brand that makes reliable, high-quality products strikes a chord with you, then Keen is an excellent choice. It is also perfect if you enjoy hiking with your family, as it offers hiking boots and shoes for both the young and the not-so-young.


Keen Pyrenees

Beneath their classic, fuss-free aesthetic, the Pyrenees hiking boots are packed with high-performance features that never disappoint on the trails. Featuring the brand’s proprietary Keen.Dry waterproof-breathable membrane and a rugged waterproof leather upper, these boots provide protection from the elements while still allowing moisture to escape. Thanks to the Metatomical footbed design (whose name is a fusion of metatarsal and anatomical), they provide excellent support for the arch and the contours of the feet, so you can stay comfortable up to the very last kilometres of your hike. You can also rely on the high-traction grip of the Keen.All-Terrain rubber outsoles and their large multi-directional lugs as you progress on any surfaces the trail throws your way.


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Salewa has truly made its mark in the mountain activities world by creating reliable, high-performance products for hiking, climbing and mountaineering. Specializing in alpine sports gear, the brand has been using its expertise and skills since 2005 to develop a range of hiking boots and shoes. With a focus on lightness, support and comfort, this footwear can help you pile up the kilometres and reach the highest peaks.

Salewa is aimed at explorers and all those who like to discover new trails with a versatile pair of shoes on their feet. If lightness and optimal support are among your main concerns, the brand may have the hiking boots you need.

Mountain Trainer Lite Mid Gore-Tex

Salewa Gore-Tex Mountain Trainer Lite Mid

The Mountain Trainer Lite Mid Gore-Tex hiking boots offer great performance on rocky and technical terrain and can be worn from spring to fall to hike over grass, dirt, mud or snow. Their grippy compound rubber outsole and deep lugs ensure optimal traction on all kinds of surfaces, even the most slippery ones you may face at high altitudes or in the transitional seasons. Wet conditions and precipitation are never a problem thanks to the waterproof breathable Gore-Tex lining. Lightweight and supportive, these hiking boots are a great choice for alpine hiking and long backpacking excursions, yet they still offer a comfortable fit and natural mobility that make them suitable for more casual hikes.


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Salomon has been equipping outdoor enthusiasts for the ski slopes for 75 years. In addition to having expanded to other winter sports fields – cross-country skiing, ski touring, snowboarding, etc. – the brand introduced its line of hiking footwear in 1992. Given the brand’s expertise, it is safe to say that some of the best hiking boots for women and men today bear the Salomon seal.

If you like having fun in the great outdoors and have a taste for innovation and technological advancements, the French brand may be right for you.

X Ultra 4 Gore-Tex

Salomon Gore-Tex X Ultra 4 Mid

The X Ultra 4 Gore-Tex hiking boots truly have what it takes to tackle tough terrain and challenging conditions. They provide stability, support, traction, and protection, plus all the agility you typically find in a trail running shoe. With a durable All Terrain Contragrip® outsole and Salomon’s Advanced Chassis™ insert, they provide exceptional traction and enhanced support while promoting mobility and joint protection. Moulded insoles ensure perfect contouring of the feet for maximum comfort and performance. Protective features like a toe cap, mudguard, Gore-Tex membrane, and gusseted tongue shield feet from external elements. Their cushioned construction, breathable lining, and shock-absorbing materials also keep feet dry and comfortable on the inside.

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Vasque has been taking outdoor enthusiasts where they want to go for over 55 years, making footwear for hiking, backpacking and every kind of outdoor adventure. Known for its commitment and expertise, the American company takes pride in doing all it takes to ensure the comfort, durability, and performance of its footwear so that everyone can have the most enjoyable experience in the outdoors. Its passion, sense of adventure and deep love for nature fuels every pair of its boots and shoes.

If you like exploring unforged trails and aspire to reach new heights, Vasque is a perfect match for you.

St. Elias Gore-Tex

Vasque Gore-Tex St. Elias

With the St. Elias Gore-Tex hiking boots, Vasque builds on all the other footwear it has created over the years and pushes its boundaries even further. With their full-grain leather exterior, durable construction, and reliable Gore-Tex protection, these hiking boots are built for long-lasting performance and long-distance adventures. Delivering support, cushioning, and performance with every step, they are designed to be comfortable straight out of the box and remain so throughout countless adventures. Their Vibram® outsole is highly durable and offers excellent grip properties on both wet and dry surfaces, and their dual-density EVA footbed has a high energy return that provides extra comfort and helps prevent muscle fatigue during hikes.  


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Catering to the needs of adventurers and nature enthusiasts, Aku harmoniously blends advanced technology with sustainable practices to deliver exceptional comfort, durability, and functionality. Each pair of hiking boots or shoes reflects the brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. With a focus on ergonomic design and innovative materials, Aku continually redefines excellence in outdoor footwear.

If you are a conscious shopper who loves the outdoors and seeks durable and functional hiking boots with never-failing comfort, this brand might be the right fit for you.

Tribute II

AKU Tribute II

With their Premium Italian leather exterior and durable construction, the Tribute II hiking boots are meant to take you through countless hikes and adventures – and never go out of style. Crafted to withstand tough terrain, they provide stability, comfort, and grip on just about any surface. Thanks to Aku’s Elica Natural Stride System, the boots also promote good posture, natural movement, and even weight distribution as you hike. This helps to alleviate pressure points and reduce fatigue, allowing you to keep enjoying nature for hours on end. The rugged yet breathable leather upper and lining offer comfort and protection on rough terrain, and the Tribute II Gore-Tex models are further improved with high-performance waterproof-breathable features.


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Mammut offers a wide range of outdoor gear, from durable mountaineering equipment to versatile hiking footwear. The brand’s hiking boots and shoes integrate advanced technology and premium materials, ensuring comfort and durability on any trail. Whether you’re scaling mountains or trekking through forests, they provide both functionality and comfort, enhancing your outdoor experience and giving you confidence with every step.

If you love a challenge and are looking for reliable footwear to support your activities, Mammut may be the brand for you.

Sertig II Mid Gore-Tex

Mammut Gore-Tex Sertig II Mid

Mammut’s versatile Sertig II Mid Gore-Tex hiking boots are crafted for comfort and lightweight performance. Featuring a Mammut Swiss Design outsole and an EVA wedge midsole, they offer reliable traction on mixed terrain and provide superior cushioning and shock absorption. The breathable mesh exterior ensures breathability, while the Gore-Tex membrane provides effective waterproof protection on wet surfaces and in harsh weather conditions.

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Zamberlan Gore-Tex Vioz

Run by the third generation of the Zamberlan family, this Italian company has been making high-quality handcrafted hiking boots for almost a century. Innovation, performance, quality of the materials and craftsmanship have always been at the forefront and are still key concerns for the brand today. Each pair of boots and shoes is a testament to handcrafted quality, attention to detail and thoughtful design – all signature features of this enduring brand that is here to stay.

If you’re seeking distinctive, dependable, high-quality hiking boots, Zamberlan has what it takes to please you.

Vioz Gore-Tex

One of the most popular and highly-rated models from Zamberlan is the Vioz Gore-Tex hiking boot. With its sleek Hydrobloc® waxed leather exterior and high-performance Gore-Tex lining, it ensures excellent waterproof protection as well as optimal moisture and temperature regulation, keeping the feet dry in any weather conditions. The Zamberlan® Vibram® 3D outsole provides outstanding traction and control, featuring undercut heels that aid in braking during descents. In addition to being suited to any type of terrain, these boots provide excellent support and flexibility. They are ideal for challenging backpacking expeditions and perfectly comfortable for leisurely hikes.

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