The best lures for brook trout fishing to have in your tackle box


March 8, 2023


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Trout fishing

Brook trout, also known as speckled trout, is a prized catch in Quebec. It is found in lakes, rivers and most water bodies. The Réserve Faunique des Laurentides is a very popular destination for brook trout fishing, as this species prefers cold and clear waters, with high oxygen concentration levels.

Anglers can fish for brook trout throughout the year, even during the winter, as long as they have the right ice fishing lures. And once the ice fishing season is over, it’s time to get ready for spring, summer and fall fishing!

Start preparing your fishing gear by filling your tackle box with the best brook trout fishing lures. Whether you prefer casting or trolling, here are Mélissa, Antonin and Daniel’s top brook trout fishing tips as the SAIL fishing experts go through the best spoons, hard baits and other artificial lures to use in order to get the best results.

Ready to learn everything there is to know about brook trout fishing?

In this article, you will discover how to fish for brook trout using the best lures, whatever your chosen fishing technique.

  1. The best flies to tackle brook trout
  2. Spoons: a sure-fire way to catch brook trout
  3. The best hard baits to use for brook trout fishing
  4. Soft baits to attract brook trout
  5. Spinnerbaits: a good option for brook trout fishing?
  6. FAQ

The best flies to tackle brook trout

There is a wide range of flies to choose from for dry fly fishing. Anyone looking to improve their fishing experience should try these without delay.

The Streamer is a particularly good lure for brook trout fishing. There are several colours to choose from, so pick one that resembles the insects flying around on the day. Same goes for size options (#4 and #6).

Ideally, keep several dry flies with you so you can quickly switch should you struggle to get a bite. Add some Wooly Buggers to your tackle box too. A staple, these flies look like leeches, which can be found in many water bodies throughout the fishing season.

Another fly to try out: the Muddler Minnow. This one is known for its versatility. Used well, it perfectly reproduces several of the brook trout’s prey. Alternate between the various sizes and colours and try a few presentations while you’re out by the water.

Spoons: a sure-fire way to catch brook trout

Any tackle box should be filled with a few spoons before a fishing outing, and particularly brook trout fishing outings. Spoons can be used whatever the season: smaller ones during the earlier months or for surface fishing, and bigger ones during the later months or for fishing in deeper waters.

When it comes to spoons, you already know there are many types, shapes and colours. By keeping a few available nearby, you can change your presentation throughout the day. Take both spinner and wobbler spoons as this will improve your chances of getting a bite.

For a wider action, the Toronto Wobbler needs no introduction. The staple 3 in. Lucky Strike model is a must for any angler targeting brook trout. And let’s not forget the Lake Clear Wabbler, which can be found in many tackle boxes. Offered in a variety of colours, this spoon is the ultimate fish magnet. Its attractive light reflection will increase your chances of success.

Our SAIL experts also recommend using the Sorcier Spoon by Cami, and this opinion is shared by many brook trout anglers. This is due to the spoon’s colours (gold, copper…), which have proven very effective with speckled trout.

There is nothing stopping you from trying other spoons on your fishing outings. For example, the Mepps Comet (#4 or #5) spinner spoon has a great gold, silver or copper finish. There is also the Williams Wabbler, favoured for its excellent light-reflecting properties. Consider the Mooselook spoons as well, which are offered in several sizes and colours.

The best hard baits to use for brook trout fishing

Even if it’s not the most popular technique, adding a few hard baits to your collection of artificial lures is a good idea for brook trout fishing. Hard baits are used to closely imitate the kind of prey brook trout would usually find in its natural habitat. Hard baits should be used when casting in the spring, and ideally when trolling as the summer arrives, with either a swivel or a clip depending on your chosen presentation.

Used on their own or with a spoon, the Pins Minnow models offered by Yo-Zuri can go as deep as 60 cm (23 in.), and have proven themselves very effective for brook trout fishing. The Yo-Zuri Snap Beans will also increase your chance of catching fish.

Our SAIL experts also recommend looking at Rapala’s range of hard baits, and the Original Floater in particular. The latter is made with Balsa wood, has a great swimming action and is available in many colours. This floating lure, designed in 1936, can attract fish at any depth, in shallow or deep waters, and works well with a slow or fast action rod. The 1 in. Rapala Countdown hard bait can go as deep as three feet, and is a good option for targeting slower brook trout.

Let’s not forget the Live Target smelt jerkbait, which again is available in many shapes and colours.

Soft baits to attract brook trout

Many soft baits are amongst the best lures for brook trout fishing. A good alternative for worms, these are often preferred by anglers looking to better target brook trout. As effective as worms, artificial baits are easier to store and carry and are less messy. They can be added to any presentation: above a spoon at the end of a two-inch leader, on a spinning spoon, on a jig head…

There are many known brook trout fishing staples. Let’s start with the Micro Power Nymph by Berkley, a safe bet that needs no introduction. This powerbait was designed after many years of research and it is extremely effective with brook trout, which just love its smell and its flavour. Do try the orange version of this bait, or opt for a more natural colour. Still in the Berkley range, give the PowerBait Atomic a go. Its tubular shape works well with brook trout. The wide range of colours available will allow you to adapt your presentation according to the weather on the day, as well as the level of fish activity.

Mister Twister soft baits are also amongst the best lures to use. Try them behind a spinner spoon, or directly on a micro-jig, depending on the presentation you’re going for. You can use either the brand’s nymphs or mini tube twisters.

Spinnerbaits: a good option for brook trout fishing?

Created in the United States, spinnerbaits are not one of the best choices for brook trout fishing. While the smaller models can sometimes work well, we recommend using the other lures mentioned above. Spinnerbaits were designed to catch carnivorous fish, which makes them less suited for average-sized brook trout.
Despite this, Mélissa, fishing specialist at SAIL, does advise giving the Mepps Syclops ⅛ oz model 00 spoon a chance. This option may surprise even the most skeptical of anglers!


Brook trout fishing is accessible to anglers of all levels, from experts to anyone looking to catch their first fish. Whatever your level of expertise, you now know which lures to try first to tackle brook trout. Spoons, soft baits, hard baits… Try different presentations to find out what works best for you. And to learn everything there is to know about brook trout and its natural habitat, have a look at our article on the best brook trout gear essentials.

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