Baffin: Canadian expertise for toasty warm feet


August 6, 2023


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Tackle arctic weather conditions and sub-zero temperatures with Canadian brand Baffin’s proven heritage and expertise. No matter the activity, the brand’s winter boots for men, women and kids will keep your feet warm and comfortable. Several models stand out, so choose your perfect boots accordingly based on your needs and Baffin’s cold comfort rating.

In this article, you will find out all you need to know about Baffin winter boots

  1. The story of the Baffin brand
  2. The best Baffin winter boots for men and women
  3. The best Baffin winter boots for kids
  4. FAQ

The story of the Baffin brand

Baffin’s story began with the Hubner family, who founded the brand in 1979 in the small town of Stoney Creek in southern Ontario. Once equipped with injection moulding machines, the Hubners entered the shoe industry, developing models adapted to the rigours of the Canadian climate. Over the years, they manufactured winter boots, of course, but also polar expedition boots, city boots, rain boots and hunting boots.

In the 1990s, with quality and performance in mind, the team developed Baffin’s signature “Inner Boot System,” which keeps feet warm in temperatures down to -70 °C. The “Real-World Tested” cold comfort rating has also been created since, helping customers determine the cold resistance of different Baffin boot models in an instant.

What is the “Real-World Tested” cold comfort rating?

The Baffin design team believes that factory or lab testing alone does not always do the trick. That’s why the company tests its products in some of the world’s most extreme environments. If boots can withstand the cold and ice over there, they can easily keep you warm anywhere else on Earth.

Born from these field tests, the “Real-World Tested” comfort rating is a cold resistance rating system that classifies Baffin boots into five categories, from lightest to warmest: Elemental, Northern, Tundra, Arctic and Polar. Starting with urban boots and rain boots in the Elemental category, the range moves on to increasingly lined and warm boots, right up to the Arctic and Polar categories, which include ultra-insulated, protective boots for activities like snowmobiling, ice fishing and polar expeditions.

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Baffin technology

How can Baffin boots be so warm? The secret lies mostly in their insulated inner boot, found on most models in the Tundra, Arctic and Polar categories. This inner boot is made up of several layers of insulating materials, including an aluminum membrane to reflect and regulate heat, a PolyWool blend lining for warmth and breathability, and a soft, warm Thermaplush™ layer to wick away moisture.

What’s more, it can be removed easily to air dry, limiting the amount of moisture inside the boot.

The best Baffin winter boots for men and women

If you want to enjoy your favourite winter activities without feeling the cold on your feet, Baffin boots are just what you need. Here, we present four ultra-warm models for men and women.

Impact winter boots

Designed to be worn for long stretches in extreme-cold, snowy or icy conditions, and for low-to-moderate activity levels, the Baffin Impact boots are part of the brand’s warmest product range. Waterproof, breathable, durable and featuring a snow proof collar at calf height, these boots will be your best allies against the coldest temperatures you’ve ever experienced.

Category: Men and women
“Real-World Tested” comfort rating: Polar

Kylie winter boots

Staying elegant below -30 degrees is not always easy. Yet here, Baffin offers an ultra-comfortable, ultra-warm women’s boots model, made from suede and embellished with pretty laces that add a little extra flair. With B-Tek insulation all over and a grippy outsole, the Baffin Kylie boots will protect you even in the most icy and slippery conditions.

Category: Women
“Real-World Tested” comfort rating: Arctic

Snow Monster winter boots

Recommended for medium-intensity winter activities, these lightweight expedition boots deliver maximum performance. The Baffin Snow Monster boots are lightweight and flexible, offering ultimate ease of movement for activities such as ice fishing, snowmobiling and moving around on snow and ice in freezing conditions.

Category: Men
“Real-World Tested” comfort rating: Arctic

Icebreaker winter boots

The Baffin Icebreaker boots are ideal for moderate activities and offer everything you need in a high-performance winter boot. Whether you’re planning on sculpting a masterpiece of ice in your backyard or going on an expedition across ice floes, you will not be let down by their waterproof B-Tek Dry base and waffle-comb footbed designed to trap warm air and control odours. It should also be noted that they offer enough ankle support to wear with snowshoes.

Category: Men
“Real-World Tested” comfort rating: Arctic

The best Baffin winter boots for kids

Kids have no trouble playing in the snow and on the ice for hours on end until their cheeks turn cold and rosy. Their feet, however, should always be kept warm and dry in quality boots. For those daring little adventurers, Baffin has designed the Pinetree winter boots (available in toddler and kids sizes). They deliver the same comfort, warmth and quality as all adult winter boots, with an Arctic rubber base for flexibility, lightness, cold resistance and durability, and a removable, multi-layer Comfort-Fit liner. Hours of wintery fun ahead!


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