Fishing gear checklist

Fishing Gear Checklist: The Gear You Need

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The time has come: the moment where you can finally set your “Out of Office” message and head out fishing to make some amazing catches. To make sure you don’t forget anything, we’ve prepared a Fishing Gear Checklist as a handy and helpful prep tool that will ensure you’re got all you need for the best fishing trip yet!


Good planning is the key

There is an abundance of bodies of water on which to fish in Quebec and in Ontario. Make sure that you plan your fishing trip several months in advance by reserving an outfitter, a hunting and fishing camp, a national park, or a private cottage bordering a lake or river.

Most importantly, find out about the fishing area, this fish species and the regulations on the websites of the Government of Ontario and the Government of Quebec (or your province of residence), in order to follow the schedule and number of catches allowed.

Collect and organize your gear

Once your stay is booked and you know what type of fish you wish to catch, gather together all the gear you need to make the most of your fishing trip.

Browse our selection of fishing gear and visit us in store for specific advice on equipment to find everything you need.

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Another option is to rent gear from a seasoned angler you may know if you don’t plan on going fishing often.

Once you have all your gear ready, make sure you organize it in well-labeled plastic containers or bags.


Don’t leave anything behind with this fishing gear checklist

Download the Fishing Essentials Checklist by clicking the button below and printing it out, if needed.Download the checklist

Fishing gear

Clothing and personal items

Health, safety and hygiene

Also available in: French