Hot fishing gear you need for 2023 — Buyer’s guide


July 14, 2023


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Hot Fishing Gear

Every year, there’s a flood of new fishing gear arriving on the market for anglers to wade through and decide what items are worthy of their hard-earned dollars. While there isn’t enough space here to list all the latest fishing gear available at SAIL, here are some new and noteworthy products to consider picking up for the 2023 fishing season.

In this article, you will discover the hot fishing gear need for 2023:

  1. New fishing lures
  2. Fishing rods 2023
  3. Hot fishing reels
  4. Must have fishing line
  5. Fishing terminal tackle & fishing accessories
  6. Fish finder of 2023
  7. Fishing clothing

New fishing lures

Berkley SlobberKnocker

The SlobberKnocker bladed swim jig has an innovative, durable through-head blade design that causes it to produce a consistent vibration during the retrieve and enhances its ability to come through heavy cover. A PowerBait infused silicone skirt boosts its fish-catching appeal, while the stout, sharp needlepoint Fusion19 hook ensures solid hooksets and landing percentages. It is available in 3/8 and 1/2 ounces.

Berkley 3.5” and 4.25” PowerBait PowerStinger


The PowerStinger features Berkley’s new, patent pending “honeycomb” technology, which provides more swimming action and triggers more bites. This soft bait is designed as the optimal trailer for the SlobberKnocker, but can also be fished on its own.

Berkley Power Blade Compact Spinnerbaits

We’ll let you in on a little secret. Spinnerbaits are making a comeback! Want proof? Check out the new Berkley Power Blade Compact Spinnerbaits. Touting a smaller profile than standard spinnerbaits and built with long-lasting premium components, these lures are perfect for scenarios when you need weight without added bulk. Power Blades come in various blade configurations.

Mepps Bronze Slammer

The arrival of the Bronze Slammer speaks to another hot fishing trend — using inline spinners to catch giant smallmouth bass. These tournament-grade spinners come in two configurations — 1/4 ounce with a size 3 blade, or 1/2 ounce with a size 5 blade. They’re built with premium components, are perfectly balanced, and feature a dressed VMC Barbarian treble hook. Along with smallmouth, the Bronze Slammer catches largemouth, northern pike and other predatory fish.

Rapala CountDown Elite

The CountDown Elite series of sinking hard baits are fishing essentials for those targeting walleye, trout, bass, northern pike and panfish. Modern construction ensures anglers get maximum casting distance and accuracy, better durability and the legendary CountDown fluttering action on the fall. Metallic plating, HD printing and new colour patterns give Elites a premium finish. What remains unchanged, however, is anglers can still apply the same reliable “countdown” fishing method with these slow-sinking baits, which fall approximately one foot per second.

Rapala Jigging Shadow Rap

Attention walleye anglers! If you don’t have a Jigging Shadow Rap in your tackle box, you’re missing the proverbial boat. The Jigging Shadow Rap touts a bigger profile and a slower fall than the original Rapala Jigging Rap, and owning each of these different baits gives you more options on the water. The Jigging Shadow Rap excels for vertical jigging scenarios but is just as compelling when cast and worked back to the boat using a jigging sequence.

Shimano’s Flash Boost Baits

Sometimes showing fish something they’re not accustomed to seeing is the winning recipe to make them bite. Enter Shimano’s patented Flash Boost technology. Consisting of a reflective foil suspended on micro springs within the body of the lure, Flash Boost gives a lure a steady flashy, flickering action to replicate the strobing effect of light flickering off of a wounded baitfish. It’s available in the World Minnow Flash Boost 115SP Jerkbait, World Diver Flash Boost 99SP Jerkbait and World Crank Flash Boost Crankbait.

Williams Quick Silver

The return of the Quick Silver spoon is sure to please trout, salmon, pike and walleye anglers. A long-time favourite of Lake Ontario Chinook anglers, the Quick Silver’s action imitates a darting baitfish, which makes it a great presentation for all predatory fish. The Quick Silver catches fish when trolled behind a downrigger, dipsy diver or leadcore. Flat-line trolling these 3” and 4” spoons on straight mono also catches fish from shallow water. The Quick Silver is just as potent when cast and retrieved.

Z-Man’s Micro Finesse System

Finesse fishing juggernaut Z-Man recently unveiled a new collection of dainty soft-plastics and tiny jig heads under the umbrella of the Micro Finesse System. If you like catching yellow perch, crappie, sunfish, trout and bass, you’ll want to grab some of the LarvaZ, Shad FryZ, Micro TRD, StingerZ, Tiny TicklerZ and Micro Finesse ShroomZ Jig Heads. Micro Finesse doesn’t replace Z-Man’s existing finesse baits (e.g., TRD and Hula StickZ), but rather expands the options anglers can use for coaxing reactions from fussy fish during tough bites.

The above baits are just a few of the latest and greatest offerings, and by no means an exhaustive list. Still interested in a few more trending lures? Check out the Berkley PowerBait Money Badger Crankbait, Freedom Ultra Diver Minnow Crankbait, X-Zone Hot Shot Minnow and Yum FF Sonar Minnow.

Fishing rods 2023

13 Fishing’s Meta

13 Fishing’s Meta spinning and casting rods are part of a series designed by Pro Tour Angler, Gerald Swindle. These rods deliver excellent performance at an incredible value, and while tailored for bass fishing, perform as well for walleye and northern pike presentations.

Fenwick HMG

The HMG spinning and baitcasting rods have undergone a refresh. HMGs are now stronger, lighter and more sensitive than before thanks to Powerlux 100 blanks. A custom designed exposed blank reel seat boosts sensitivity and improves comfort for all day fishing.

Shimano SLX A

Spinning and casting rods give anglers a revamped aesthetic plus DiaFlash technology, a process in which carbon tape is diagonally wrapped in opposite directions on the outermost layer of the butt section to form a series of “X” shapes. DiaFlash prevents blank twist and enhances the rod’s pulling power.

Hot fishing reels

13 Fishing’s Inception G2

Baitcasting reels feature pro-level specifications for gearing, handles, gear ratios and capacities, which are based on insights and hands-on development from 2 time Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Gerald Swindle. Inception G2s pair perfectly with the Meta casting rods but will elevate the performance of any rod they’re paired with.

Daiwa’s Tatula MQ LT

Daiwa’S Tatula MQ LT has a one-piece monocoque Zaion V body that is made to hold larger gears and, in turn, gives this spinning reel incredible torque and power. This design concept combined with tough, machine-cut gearing results in smooth performance and extra strength.

Okuma’s Komodo SS

The Komodo SS is a good choice for anglers wanting a tough, durable, smooth baitcasting reel with a solid drag ready for taking on the largest freshwater fish, such as pike, musky and salmon.

Tip: In addition to the above products, you’ll find plenty of other rods, reels and rod combos for casting, trolling and travelling adventures from top brands like 13 Fishing, Daiwa and Okuma at SAIL.

Must have fishing line

Sufix’s ProMix Braided Fishing Line

Promix Braided line offers all the benefits anglers have come to expect from Sufix’s premium braids, but raises the bar with its ultra-longevity, buoyancy and colourfast technology traits. No matter the colour you choose, ProMix Braid will retain its colour much longer than other lines.

SpiderWire’s DuraBraid

It’s 25% tougher than conventional braids and provides excellent knot strength and shock absorbency. A great choice when fishing around rocks, docks, boat hoists, heavy vegetation and timber.

Tip: Other reliable line options to consider are Daiwa’s J-Fluoro Samurai Fluorocarbon Fishing Line, Seaguar’s Premium Fluorocarbon Fishing Line and Maxima Ultragreen.

Fishing terminal tackle & fishing accessories

Rapala’s Tackle Trays

These tackle trays are designed to keep your tackle protected and tidy, but go well beyond the basics of tackle management. Rapala trays feature a UV-proof, heavy-duty construction resistant to both cold and heat, customizable dividers for accommodating various-sized baits, and a smart-design Quick Latch system that allows anglers to open and close the tray with an effortless single-hand motion, to list just a few features of these impressive tackle trays. Rapala’s Tackle Trays come in a range of sizes and configurations, including the Open Foam model that’s perfect for storing and organizing jigs.

Rapala’s R12 Heavy-Duty Lithium Electric Fillet Knife Combo

A slick piece of fishing gear sure to please those who enjoy catching and keeping fish for the table. Powered by an R12 Lithium-ION battery, users will experience twice the speed and three times the torque of other cordless fillet knives, along with 80 minutes of continuous runtime. The combo package includes two PTFE coated blades (6” and 7 1/2”), two 2 Ah Lithium-ION R12 battery packs, a rapid charging base and EVA storage case.

The VMC RedLine Hook Series

It­’s one of the most popular fishing equipment releases for 2023. Made with bass anglers in mind, walleye and trout enthusiasts will also appreciate the incredible power, strength and hook-up speeds the RedLine Series provides. RedLine come in Drop Shot, Hybrid Worm, Finesse Neko, Weedless Wacky Neko Drop Shot, Heavy Duty Flippin’ and Finesse Treble models.

Fish finder of 2023

Garmin’s LiveScope XR System with GLS 10 and LVS62 Transducer made big waves when it was unveiled several months ago. Representing Garmin’s newest fishing technology, the XR System extends the range of LiveScope as well as enhances Garmin’s three revolutionary live sonar modes, Forward, Down and Perspective. LiveScope XR provides superior sharpness and maximum clarity of real-time images of fish and structure, at both close and long ranges. Whether you fish for bass, trout, northern pike, musky, walleye, panfish or any other species swimming throughout Ontario and Quebec, adding forward-facing sonar to your fishing boat is a worthwhile consideration.

Tip: You’ll find plenty of fish finder options available at SAIL from Garmin, Humminbird, Lowrance and other brands, spanning reliable, entry-level sonars to the latest cutting-edge tech.

Fishing clothing

If your angling adventures involve standing in lakes or rivers, you’ll want to check out the Simms Tributary Stockingfoot collection of waders for men, women and kids. These breathable, comfortable waders deliver exceptional value without comprising the high-performing attributes anglers have come to expect from the Simms brand. Tributary waders pair well with the Simms Tributary or Freestone Fishing Boots, which deliver excellent support, traction and ruggedness.


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