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October 26, 2023


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Jack Wolfskin Jackets

From day one, Jack Wolfskin has been dedicated to equipping adventurers of all ages with long-lasting, adaptable, and high-performing clothing and gear. Whether you enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, backpacking… you can trust the German brand to keep up with whatever gets you moving.
Jack Wolfskin supports all those who explore, appreciate and protect nature. It is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide you with maximum comfort no matter the weather or activity, all while staying fully committed to the environment. Let’s see what makes Jack Wolfskin a solid choice when you’re shopping for a women’s or men’s jacket!

In this article, you will discover how Jack Wolfskin innovates to bring you high-performance jackets and clothing:

  1. Jack Wolfskin: the wolf's paw brand
  2. Jack Wolfskin technologies
  3. Jack Wolfskin: clothing for all your activities

Jack Wolfskin: the wolf’s paw brand

Jack Wolfskin was founded in Germany over 40 years ago. The brand has been designing outdoor clothing and gear for outdoor enthusiasts since its very beginnings. It has now grown into a major player in the industry, catering to adventurers all over the world. Jack Wolfskin has always had travel, backpacking, and adventure in its DNA. Its famous wolf’s paw logo perfectly represents this identity, symbolizing the freedom and untamed spirit of the wilderness.
In four decades, the German brand has created numerous iconic pieces, many of which were easily recognizable in the ’80s and ’90s thanks to the vibrant colour schemes featured notably on jackets and fleeces. By 1983, its 3-in-1 jacket had become a must-have item. After a few years, it was the Koala and Kodiak fleeces that made their mark. In the late 1990s, Jack Wolfskin introduced its first outdoor footwear collection designed for active men and women.
Be it clothing or outdoor equipment, the company takes great care to provide products of the highest quality. Durability is at the heart of Jack Wolfskin’s concerns, in line with its sustainable approach. The brand’s products are meant to follow you (and last) through countless adventures.

Sustainability: Jack Wolfskin’s approach

Sustainability has always been a core concern for the German brand. And this is more than just words: Jack Wolfskin takes various measures to minimize its environmental impact and promote social responsibility. This is reflected in nearly all aspects of the brand’s activity: products made from recycled materials, use of organic cotton, PFC- and fur-free manufacturing…
Jack Wolfskin is a bluesign® partner. This means that the brand respects high standards of environmental preservation and worker safety. It also maintains transparency in its supply chain, minimizes transport-related CO2 emissions, uses green electricity, ensures responsible use of chemicals in manufacturing, etc.
A telling example of the brand’s efforts is the creation in 2019 of its complete line of 100% PFC-free clothing and backpacks.

Jack Wolfskin technologies

Technologies Jack Wolfskin


Texapore is Jack Wolfskin’s waterproof, windproof and breathable technology. While many outdoor brands rely on Gore-Tex to make their products waterproof, the Frankfurt am Main brand chose to create its own technology instead.
Texapore is designed to keep water and moisture at bay, ensuring that you stay dry – which is precisely what you need when exploring wet areas or hiking muddy autumn trails. Its windproof properties shield you from cold breezes, and its breathability ensures you don’t catch a chill from perspiration under your jacket.
Several versions of this technology exist to suit every outdoor need. For instance, Texapore Core is ideal for day hikes, while long-distance hikers will be better off with a Texapore Pro jacket offering even more waterproof protection. Since 2018, there’s also Texapore Ecosphere technology, designed with 100% recycled materials!


Texatherm is Jack Wolfskin’s alternative to down. Made from synthetic fibres, the material has a very high loft, making it ideal for preserving body heat. Its breathability is close to that of natural down, and it has the added advantage of drying quickly. In short, Texatherm technology is ideally suited for men’s and women’s transitional and winter jackets.


Texadri is a technology used in some of Jack Wolfskin’s technical clothing. The primary feature of this material is its ability to absorb sweat and quickly wick it away to the outside of the garment. Moisture is “carried” to the surface of the material so it doesn’t stay on your skin and make you cold. This is all possible thanks to a composition of fibres that hold very little moisture.
Texadri is an ideal technology for active outdoor clothing, especially as it is highly breathable. It is mainly used in the brand’s t-shirts and sweaters.


Like most outdoor brands, Jack Wolfskin developed its own insulating and wind-blocking technology, which it uses in some of its mid-season jackets, lightweight shell clothing, etc. This technology is called Texashield, and there are several versions available:
Texashield Core: windproof, water-repellent (not waterproof) and extensible, for complete ease of movement during outdoor activities, Texashield Pro: very wind-resistant (100% windproof), breathable and highly water-repellent.


As its name suggests, Jack Wolfskin’s Texawarm technology is meant to keep you warm – and more specifically, to keep your feet warm. The material was developed to be used in some of the brand’s footwear, and there are several levels of thermal protection available. The most high-performance version is effective in temperatures as low as -40 degrees – enough to be at ease on the vast majority of your winter hikes!

Jack Wolfskin: clothing for all your activities

Jack Wolfskin Hiking

Jack Wolfskin makes clothing and gear for everyone who likes to explore the great outdoors, whether a few kilometres from home or on the other side of the world. And though they are made for adventure, there’s no reason not to wear one of the brand’s jackets to run your errands!

Short hikes

Whether you’re up for a few hours of hiking in the nearby woods or a more demanding climb in western Canada, Jack Wolfskin has the perfect gear to suit your needs. The brand is geared toward lovers of the great outdoors, so it’s only logical to see a wide range of hiking clothing and equipment coming out of its design studios.
Depending on what you need, you’ll find pieces that are waterproof, windproof, breathable, lightweight, comfortable… anything to protect you from the weather conditions you might come across. If you’re searching for a new hiking backpack or winter jacket for women or men, you can trust the brand with the wolf’s paw logo!

Long hikes

As long-distance hikers know, when you’re in the wild for days at a time and covering long distances, you need proper equipment. Everything counts – weight, durability, versatility… From its offices in Germany, Jack Wolfskin develops equipment specifically made for longer adventures, including sleeping bags, mats, backpacks and so on.
You can rely on the German brand’s down-filled winter jackets for days of warmth on your winter treks. If you’re setting off during the milder seasons, you can opt for its hard or soft shells instead!

Bike trips

Travelling by bike means spending long hours on asphalt and gravel paths, with the kilometres, landscapes and days rolling by. The key to an unforgettable experience is gathering the right equipment, starting with bags that fit your bike, compact camping gear, windproof and waterproof clothing
Jack Wolfskin considers all those who embark on (more or less) long cycling trips. Check out the Kolbenberg jacket for men, for example, or the Passamani down jacket for women. For cycling, your focus should be on breathability, lightness and durability. And don’t forget the multi-layer technique!

Everyday life

Jack Wolfskin life style

Jack Wolfskin men’s and women’s jackets are meant to keep pace with your lifestyle. You can take yours with you wherever you go, no matter how busy your days get. The brand’s styles are versatile and suitable for all types of terrain, including city streets.
The Jack Wolfskin range is for all those who want to stay warm and keep a fresh look when the mercury is low. You can beat the chills and stay protected from the elements with an elegant, understated, modern jacket such as the women’s Tempelhof or the men’s Winterlager.

Jack Wolfskin is a brand you can count on if you’re looking for a weatherproof jacket to wear in the great outdoors. Down jackets, ski jackets, mid-season jackets… Whether it’s the middle of winter or the peak of autumn, the German brand’s clothing and equipment will never let you down. Go on exploring!


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