Sleeveless Vests: 7 Brands that will Follow you on all Your Outdoor Activities


January 28, 2022


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Sleeveless vest

Spring or fall, camping or hiking, sleeveless vests are true allies during your outdoor escapades. Find out which brands to choose according to your needs.

Discover 7 brands of men’s and women’s sleeveless vests for a variety of outdoor activities.

  1. The North Face
  2. Cotopaxi 
  3. Rab
  4. Ewool
  5. Mobile Warming
  6. Columbia
  7. Hooké

Men’s Vests
Women’s Vests

1. The North Face Vests

The North Face men's black sleeveless vest

Features and Benefits

The North Face is a master at outfitting you with high-performance technical apparel, no matter when, how, or with whom you want to explore the great outdoors. Vests made with ThermoBall Eco, a recycled synthetic insulated fabric, keep you warm in cold weather and resist water, but quickly compress and are packable if your body heat increases. The standard fit will also give you great freedom of movement.

Sizes offered

  • Men’s vests: Small (S) to extra, extra large (2XL)

The North Face Men’s Vests

2. Cotopaxi Vests

Cotopaxi women's burgundy sleeveless vest

Features and Benefits

Cotopaxi vests are not only colorful and made of ethically and responsibly sourced down (Responsible Down Standard), but they are super warm and light. You’ll want to bring them on cross-country and downhill ski trips, layer them over your merino wool base layers and cover them under an outer shell, or wear them during spring and fall walks around town. Their water-resistant nylon ripstop outer shell is worth the investment, as you’ll be able to keep your vest for a long time.

Sizes offered

  • Men’s vests: Small (S) to extra large (XL)
  • Women’s vests: Extra small (XS) to extra large (XL)

Cotopaxi Men’s VestsCotopaxi Women’s Vests

3. Rab Vests

RAB men's blue sleeveless vest

Features and Benefits

Rab is known for its well-thought-out design and apparel made for mountain excursions. These versatile vests are breathable and quick drying if you’re training hard and sweating profusely, both of which are major assets for the hiking enthusiast. In addition to the ample pocket space, the cord lock allows you to adjust the vest whether you layer it over or under your clothes.

Sizes offered

  • Men’s vests: Extra large (XL)

Rab Men’s Vests

4. Ewool Vests

Ewool women's black sleeveless vest

Features and Benefits

If you like buying local and supporting Canadian brands, Ewool is the brand for you. Thin and tight fitting, the heated vests can be worn as a mid-layer under a jacket or raincoat. Once you press the heat button, the vest takes 3 seconds to warm up and can withstand extreme temperatures of up to -40 degrees Celsius. The best part? They are machine washable and also have a heated collar. A luxury to treat yourself with or to offer as a gift!

Sizes offered

  • Men’s vests: Small (S) to extra, extra large (2XL)
  • Women’s vests: Extra small (XS) to extra, extra large (2XL)

Ewool Men’s VestsEwool Women’s Vests

5. Mobile Warming Vests

Mobile Warming men's black sleeveless vest

Features and Benefits

Heated clothing and accessories are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! Mobile Warming’s vests come at a relatively modest price for the benefits they provide: heat activation can be controlled directly on your smartphone, the battery can provide heat for two to ten hours (depending on the temperature level selected), and the synthetic down insulation provides a healthy dose of comfort.

Sizes offered

  • Men’s vests: Small (S) to extra, extra, extra large (3XL)
  • Women’s vests: Extra large (XL)

Mobile Warming Men’s VestsMobile Warming Women’s Vests

6. Columbia Vests

Columbia women's grey sleeveless vest

Features and Benefits

The versatility of Columbia’s collections is already well known. The various men’s sleeveless vests range from extra insulation with synthetic down padding to lightweight protection and style for outdoor wear. Women’s sleeveless vests range from real down (RDS compliant) that provides a high level of warmth to cozy microfleece that offers moderate insulation and warmth, ideal for high-intensity activities.

Sizes offered

  • Men’s vests: Small (S) to extra large (XL) + plus size available (2X to 4X)
  • Women’s vests: Extra small (XS) to extra large (XL) + plus size available (1X to 2X)

Columbia Men’s VestsColumbia Women’s Vests

7. Hooké Vests

Hooke vest


Features and Benefits

Need a warm, reversible vest (with an orange outer lining) for your hunting trips? Would you like to wear a vest, also reversible, in neutral colors and insulated to layer over your clothing when you fish in early spring or head to your camp in the woods? Look no further than Hooké, a Quebec-based company that uses sherpa fleece and quiet polyester in the design of its durable pieces that you’ll want to keep for life. Note that the styles are unisex and can be worn by women as well as men.

Sizes offered

  • Men’s vests: Medium (M) to extra, extra large (2XL)
  • Women’s vests: Small (S) to extra, extra large (2XL)

Hooké Men’s Vests

Quick tips

  • Don’t underestimate the sleeveless vest, which can be suitable for hiking, cross-country skiing, trail running (opt for an insulated vest made of synthetic fabrics). Choose a heated vest for less active winter activities such as ice skating, walking, snowmobiling, downhill skiing, etc.
  • Choose a sleeveless vest made of synthetic materials that breathe better than down for high intensity activities and made of down for more warmth during low intensity activities.
  • Look for a vest with good compressibility for efficient packing in a backpack, especially if you are wearing layers.

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