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Tentree: 100 million trees planted with the sale of its clothing


April 19, 2023


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Earth Day with Tentree

Tentree is no ordinary outdoor clothing brand. From the beginning, the Canadian company made a significant commitment: planting ten trees for every item purchased. Nothing less.

Ten years later, Tentree has already managed to plant 100 million trees in Canada and beyond. Putting the planet and its occupants before everything else, the brand has set the goal of planting a billion trees before 2030. This is a significant and ambitious project, and SAIL just had to take part in it.

Tentree has all it takes to please outdoor enthusiasts: carbon-neutrality since 2022, a B-Corp certification and, of course, clothing that is sustainable, timeless and comfortable. In short, shopping Tentree is shopping sustainably. So much the better.

In this article, you will learn more about Tentree and how it is committed to do good for the planet:

  1. More than a vision: Tentree’s commitment
  2. Buy one item, plant ten trees
  3. FAQ

More than a vision: Tentree’s commitment

Tentree does more than manufacture shirts, sweaters, t-shirts and pants; it is on a mission to protect woodland areas. By planting trees, the brand actively participates in ecosystem regeneration.
It does not forget to look after the people, either, creating numerous job opportunities in communities all over the globe.
A certified B-Corp – with one of the three best scores worldwide at that -, Tentree is setting out to meet the highest standards in terms of environment and transparency.

Tentree’s choice of materials

Tentree is a sustainable brand down to its core, and environmental impact is a central priority through every link in its supply chain. This is why every piece of the brand’s stylish and comfortable clothing is made solely from organic and sustainable raw materials, including recycled materials like REPREVE® polyester. Tentree never stops innovating and working to improve its materials and processes (for example, by turning to natural dyes).
Chances are you will also appreciate the care Tentree puts in every last detail of its clothing: buttons made out of coconut shells or corozo (a material coming from the seeds of the tagua palm tree), cork tabs, etc.

Tentree and its Responsible Packaging Movement

Using eco-friendly packaging for sustainable outdoor clothing is somewhat of a no-brainer. It would not make much sense to do otherwise, for Tentree at least, which is why the brand steers clear of the single-use plastic products many still resort to.
The Canadian brand also uses FSC-certified paper, and most of its packaging materials are 100% recycled and biodegradable.
As with everything else, Tentree pays great attention to detail, from recycled hangtags to natural string and recyclable twine.

Moving towards complete traceability

Tentree aims to become fully circular by 2025. This goal is reflected on a number of levels, starting with total supply chain transparency. Raw materials are closely monitored, both in their fibre state and throughout the manufacturing process. Tentree keeps detailed records and leaves no stone unturned. The brand’s focus on traceability even applies to the planting of trees; clients can take full stock of their impact by following every step of the journey and seeing when and where “their” trees are planted.

Ethical manufacturing

In addition to the planet, Tentree is also committed to caring for the communities that live on it. That means seeing that everyone involved in the manufacturing of its t-shirts, sweaters and other clothing has access to a fair wage and optimal working conditions.
The brand is very concerned with creating a safe and ethical environment where the people who play a part in its supply chain can thrive. Partner factories must also respect its specifications for decent wages, rest days, gender equity, and such. Tentree is behind many community initiatives on a more local scale, too, and its commitment includes sustainable manufacturing using less water and harmful chemicals.

Buy one item, plant ten trees

Tentree commitment

From shopping to tree planting

Every Tentree item sold results in the planting of ten trees. This was the brand’s commitment from the very beginning, now still going strong after ten years. In that same amount of time, Tentree was able to plant over 100 million trees, with no intention of stopping there.
With every Tentree item you purchase – t-shirt, sweater, or whatever – there is a unique code on the label that you can use to follow the planting journey of “your” ten trees, including where in the world they will be planted. But don’t worry: planting happens whether or not you use the code!

Tentree’s Impact Wallet

After purchasing a Tentree garment, you can expect all ten trees to be planted in less than six months. In the meantime, you can create your Impact Wallet to keep track of “your” trees and get a sense of your actual impact. Tentree even lets you visualize your own little forest on a virtual island!
Photo Application avec forêt virtuelle

The milestone of planting a billion trees

Tentree’s commitment is pretty straightforward: for each item sold, ten trees are planted somewhere in the world. The impact of this initiative is already significant, with over 100 million trees planted in the scope of ten years.
Even more impressive is the brand’s objective of planting a billion trees by 2030. It is no small goal, but Tentree is on the right track. Every purchase counts; if you want to participate, shop for sustainable Tentree clothing.
Shop tentree Canada Clothing, Sweaters & Hoodies | SAIL

Designing sustainable and comfortable clothing is only a part of Tentree’s activities. The Canadian brand has a true social and environmental impact with its tree-planting initiative that contributes to growing forests everywhere, from Canada to Nepal and Indonesia.
Discover the Tentree collection in a SAIL store or online. Make yourself happy, and do good for the earth and all of us who live on it.


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