We Are Hiring: The Top 3 Reasons Why Working at SAIL is a Win


November 05, 2021


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Woman in the forest with a SAIL backpack

Are you the type of person who always has a story to tell about your adventures in the outdoors? An epic camping trip to remember, the fish that got away, and mountain trekking in Europe are among your list of best memories? Great news! SAIL, the biggest outdoor superstore, is looking for outdoor enthusiasts like you to join our dynamic team.

The top 3 reasons to join our team:

  1. The benefits
  2. The work environment
  3. The SAIL family

Job Offers

The Benefits: Enjoy the outdoors just as much as your customers

There are currently over 100 available positions in store, and both part-time and full-time work is possible. With a competitive salary starting at $15 an hour, a flexible schedule, and a respectful and empowering work environment, you’ll be able to combine your passion for the outdoors with your career.

The benefits are many to list! To begin, you’ll be able to select an outdoor department where your own expertise will be valued and shared with your customers. Camping, hunting, fishing, technical clothing, sports footwear, climbing, hiking, skiing and cycling are just some of the sections of our vast stores, and you’ll benefit from an advantageous employee discount for you and your family on almost all products in store. It’s a great way to try out the latest outdoor technology at a fraction of the cost while enjoying the flexible schedule to head to the great outdoors as often as possible!

Other advantages also include a group insurance program, a partner privilege program where our partnering companies offer you perks, discounts and deals throughout the year, and a free employee and family assistance program that includes tips for work, nutrition, exercise, and family life!

Not to mention the feeling of satisfaction that comes from working at a proudly Canadian company that also supports local brands as well as a selection of greener and more sustainable products and clothing.


The work environment: More than just a retail store

Working in store doesn’t just mean pointing the way for customers and letting them know where they can find the product they are looking for. It’s a way to experience the enjoyment of sharing technical knowledge and acting as a guide to fully equip them for the outdoor adventure of their dreams. SAIL offers continual in-depth product knowledge training sessions that will educate you about the newest, cutting edge technologies in the outdoor world. You will also have continued customer service training for building your skills as a professional in communication and offering an enhanced shopping experience that’s fun for both you and your customers. The feeling of gratification when customers return to share their stories with you after you’ve helped them creates a community of outdoor enthusiasts where anyone who loves the outdoors feels a sense of belonging.

With stores in both the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, you’ll also be able to select the location that’s most convenient for you. Oshawa, Ottawa, Burlington, Cambridge, Laval, Quebec City, and Vaudreuil are only some of the store locations from which to choose. And no matter your age or life stage, the flexibility that SAIL offers will allow you to balance home life, studies, and your favourite outdoor trips in a fair way. One thing unites each member of our team: they love interacting with others and sharing their passion for the outdoors!

The SAIL family: Surrounded by people like you

Our coworkers have seen firsthand how the people you encounter at SAIL become more than just colleagues, but oftentimes, even friends. The social committee in store organizes frequent outings among coworkers, and colleagues from different departments plan various activities that help you enjoy the outdoors together. Forge friendships, share your passion, and get to know others like you who are driven to experience the freedom of fresh air, community, and new adventures.

The team spirit among both the sales floor team and management team is ever-present, and the accessibility to managers through frequent meetings only reinforces the working relationships you will form. Helping each other and a spirit of collaboration fosters a team dynamic, and makes working feel less like a job and more like spending time with like-minded individuals.

If you’re ready to turn your passion for the outdoors into your career, share your story and experience with us today:

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