Best walking sandals for women


April 11, 2023


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Best Women Walking Sandals

Whatever your chosen summer outdoor activity, there will probably be times when you want to ditch the heavy walking boots and wear something lighter and more breathable. While convenient, a pair of flip-flops can have its limitations, and most outdoor enthusiasts will need something sturdier that won’t let them down in the middle of the wilderness. There are also budget and sustainability considerations to take into account. After all, most adventurers don’t want their gear to end up in a landfill after a couple of uses and then have to buy a replacement. Whether you need to wear comfortable sandals around the campsite, after a long day of hiking, in the water to wade through rapids, or while exploring a new place, here are the SAIL team’s best recommendations for walking sandals for women.

In this article, you will discover:

  1. The most versatile women’s sandals: Crocs
  2. The best women’s sandals to wear around the campsite: The North Face
  3. The best walking sandals for women: Teva
  4. Best for summer city breaks: Ecco
  5. The best beach sandals for women: O’Neill
  6. FAQ

The most versatile women’s sandals: Crocs

Crocs Women Sandals

The Crocs brand requires no introduction. The iconic rubber clog manufacturer has created some of the most comfortable footwear out there, and many of us have a pair of Crocs somewhere in the house. As an added feature, Crocs sandals are buoyant, making them a great footwear option for canoe or kayak excursions. Keep them in your watercraft and quickly put them on before going in the water to avoid cutting your feet on submerged rocks as you bring your canoe or kayak back in. Unlike neoprene water shoes, they will dry quickly and won’t develop unpleasant odours.

The Classic Crocs

The classic Crocs sandals do offer many advantages. They are ultra-light, breathable and sturdy. These slip-on sandals are great for walking around the campsite as you can wear them on their own or with a pair of woolly socks. Yes, you read that right: when camping, socks in Crocs sandals are IN! And speaking of fashion, Crocs sandals come in just about any colour you can imagine: just take your pick.

The Splash Glossy Strappy

If you are looking for more of an everyday sandal, the Splash Glossy Strappy’s design does move away from the classic Crocs clog look. Perfect for wearing at the beach, after canoeing or swimming, on holiday or by the pool, they are light and can easily be packed into a backpack without adding much weight. The shiny glossy upper is also super fun and adds a splash of colour to your kit.

The best women’s sandals to wear around the campsite: The North Face

The North Face Women Sandals

We all know The North Face makes great outdoor gear, so it’s no surprise that the brand also offers great walking sandals for women. In addition to making some of the best outdoor products, the brand is committed to being as sustainable as possible throughout its production process. Many of its sandals are made using recycled materials, including the Base Camp Mini II, the perfect option to wear around the campsite after a busy day of outdoor activities.

The Base Camp Mini II

These super comfortable women’s sandals were designed for ultimate comfort. Their egg-crate-inspired cushioned footbed is designed with anatomical arch support. The ultra-light outsole also features lugs for a bit of added traction on days when the ground is wet or slippery, and it is made with 20% recycled rubber. When it comes to durable outdoor footwear that lasts, The North Face’s products do not disappoint.

The best walking sandals for women: Teva

Teva Women Sandals

Those looking for sturdy walking sandals should have a look at Teva’s range. The brand has created several performance-focused models for adventurous outdoors enthusiasts, such as the Tirra or the Verra sandals.

The Tirra sandals

The Tirra is the women’s walking sandal hikers need to add to their summer hiking kit. While sandals obviously do not provide the same level of ankle support or traction as hiking boots, they can definitely be worn on flat footpaths, trails or park walks.

The Tirra sandals have a weather-resistant upper as well as cushioning under the heel to better absorb impact. This model is highly adjustable, and features an ankle strap, instep straps, adjustable hooks as well as loop closures. This provides walkers with multiple adjustment options for a very secure fit. The Tirra sandals are also slip resistant and, as a bonus, are treated using an antimicrobial technology to minimize odours.

The Verra sandals

The Verra model is a sporty sandal that’s perfect for those with an active lifestyle. Just like the Tirra, it is focused on optimal wearability with its comfortable Shoc Pad footbed. This model is also designed for walking (although it isn’t as slip resistant as the Tirra) and has an antimicrobial treatment for optimal odour control.

Best for summer city breaks: Ecco

Ecco Women Sandals

Days spent exploring a new city are often when we do the most mileage! While walking shoes are great for all-day walking, they can make your feet overheat pretty quickly during the summer. Sandals are a much more breathable alternative. However, you’ll need walking sandals that are sturdy enough, won’t give you blisters or look too clunky as you try to blend in with the locals! Tall order, right? Well, not if you look at Ecco’s range of women’s walking sandals.

The Exowrap

The Exowrap sandals for women are offered in a variety of neutral colours and feature discreet padding for optimal wearability. The three quick-fastening straps allow for custom adjustment for sandals that can be worn all day as you take in the sights. These are also a good option to wear on the beach, so you can reduce the amount of space used by multiple pairs of shoes in your bag and just bring this one versatile pair of sandals with you.

The best beach sandals for women: O’Neill

O'Neill Women Sandals

O’Neill was founded by an avid surfer, and it shows! The brand is heavily geared towards the ocean and offers a range of swimming and surfing clothing, as well as wetsuits and footwear. It’s no surprise their sandals are SAIL’s top pick for the beach!

SAIL’s pick: the Ditsy

The Ditsy sandals for women will quickly become your beach go-to. They are available in a range of strap colours, with a coordinating colour running through the midsole for a stylish beach look. Just because the Ditsy sandals were not designed for hiking, it doesn’t mean they aren’t comfortable! The wood-effect footbed has a soft, cushioning sole.


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