Camping checklist for summer festivals

Camping in the wild or on a private site, at the festival or in a national park…

Even though for many people, camping rhymes with adventure, this great escape is better planned than improvised in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. The mere fact of forgetting something essential can change that long-awaited moment of relaxation into a terrible ordeal. Here is a complete checklist of must-haves not to forget.

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Outdoor gear, material, insect repellant

Having hot meals, sleeping well and keeping food cool are basic rules. Don’t overlook them.

Tent, sleeping bag and floor mat

Plan the right size for the right number of people, as a tent that is too large means heat loss: its impermeability and ventilation system are elements to be taken into account.
Also bring a floor mat, sleeping bag and pillow to add more comfort.

Tents Sleeping bags Mats, chairs & furniture

Stove, barbecue and cooler

Gas or methyl alcohol stove or portable barbecue, you have a lot of options to cook your meals and boil water for coffee. Firestarter and matches stored in airtight packaging, hatchet, fire lighters, cooler and bags of ice will come as a complement, not to mention cutlery, plates and cups, a corkscrew, oil and seasonings and drinking water.

Stoves & grills Coolers Cookware & utensils

Bugs, black flies and mosquitos

Insect repellant, citronella candles, mosquito repellant cream… you won’t regret keeping a pocket in your first aid kit for these staples, next to the sewing kits and sunscreen.

Camping accessories

Advice from our experts and preparation

You checked on your list: extra pair of socks, sunglasses, cap, swimsuit, biodegradable toilet paper, clothespins, deodorant, toothpaste, deck of cards… but you still fear you might forget the unforgettable? Why not come to the store? Our advisers are at your service to answer all your questions.