Columbia PFG: the ultimate summer fishing clothing


April 17, 2023


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Columbia PFG clothes

With its PFG collection, Columbia aims to make technical and versatile clothing available to anglers. If you are a fly fishing, long hikes or nautical sports enthusiast, you can protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays with clothing built for exactly that. Featuring Columbia’s own technologies, such as Omni-Shade™, items from the Performance Fishing Gear collection are ready to go with you on all your summer adventures.

In this article, you will discover Columbia’s PFG collection and Omni-shade technology:

  1. Columbia PFG: a clothing collection for fishing and beyond
  2. Columbia’s Omni-Shade™ technology: how does it protect from the sun?
  3. A few star products from the Columbia PFG collection
  4. The importance of using the right clothing to protect your skin from the sun
  5. FAQ

Columbia PFG: a clothing collection for fishing and beyond

Columbia PFG T-Shirt

Columbia PFG clothing is built for anglers

Columbia’s Performance Fishing Gear collection was created with anglers in mind. It features a number of characteristics specifically tailored to their needs: hood, safety pocket, ventilation… Great attention has been paid to detail.

The materials and technologies used in the Columbia PFG collection make it a sound choice for days on the water, especially when the sun is out. Most items in the collection feature Columbia’s Omni-Shade™ technology for protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Also featured are the Omni-Freeze™  technology, which provides a cooling sensation, and the Omni-Wick™, which makes for optimal moisture wicking to keep you dry.

Columbia’s UV protective clothing typically has a loose fit to provide better shielding from the sun’s rays. It is tightly woven and sometimes ripstop to ensure durability and sturdiness. As for the fabrics, Columbia uses either polyester or nylon, which both have fast-drying properties. In short, it is the ultimate protection you need to stay on the water and fish for hours on end.

Columbia PFG clothing for everyday life

Although they are tailor-made for fishing, items from the Columbia Performance Fishing Gear line are, above all, made for sun protection.

These women’s and men’s UV-blocking clothing are in fact a perfect companion for all your outdoor activities: hiking, nautical sports, kayak-camping

Columbia PFG shirts, footwear, t-shirts and other tops are just as fit for daily wear. With timeless, no-frills style, the collection is appreciated by anglers and (other) outdoor lovers alike!

Columbia’s Omni-Shade™ technology: how does it protect from the sun?

Columbia clothing with Omni-Shade™ technology protects anglers and outdoor enthusiasts from the sun’s harmful rays – and all the better for it.

Technology Omni Shade of Columbia

Columbia PFG: UV-blocking clothing for men and women

Columbia developed the Omni-Shade™ technology with one specific goal: protecting skin from the sun. Two different “versions” were created from there:

  • Omni-Shade™
  • Omni-Shade(tm) Sun Deflector
  • Omni-Freeze™

Omni-Shade™ blocks UVA and UVB rays, eliminating the need to reach for additional protection like sunscreen. Shirts and other clothing with this technology help prevent sunburns and premature aging of the skin – perfect when fishing or playing outside on the sunniest days.

Omni-Shade™ Sun Deflector was created for “extreme” conditions, i.e. when there’s a combination of heat, prolonged exposition and humidity. It provides optimal protection and keeps your skin safe from harmful rays.

From a technical standpoint, the idea behind Omni-Shade(tm) Sun Deflector is pretty straightforward: clothing is made with modified fibres and covered in a multitude of small white dots. These dots are what block harmful UVA and UVB rays. The deflection they cause lets you stay in the sun longer and shields your skin with a UV protection factor (UPF) of up to 50.

Columbia PFG: avoid overheating

Temperature regulation, even in the blazing sun, is another benefit of the UV-blocking properties of Omni-Shade™ clothing.

Columbia PFG clothing keeps you cool on fishing days, hiking and backpacking expeditions, even more so when equipped with moisture- and sweat-wicking technologies Omni-Freeze™  or Omni-Wick™.

A few star products from the Columbia PFG collection

Columbia PFG shirt

Columbia PFG Tidal Deflector women’s long- sleeve t-shirt

The Columbia PFG Tidal Deflector long-sleeve t-shirt is the perfect UV protective garment for women who fish and have an active lifestyle in Canada or anywhere else. Its Omni-Shade™ Sun Deflector UPF 50 protection keeps you cool and shields your skin from harmful rays, while Omni-Wick™ technology wicks sweat away to let you stay dry.

Columbia PFG Terminal Tackle men’s fishing shorts

Anglers are sure to appreciate the Terminal Tackle fishing shorts from Columbia’s Performance Fishing Gear collection. It is a sleek and highly functional item, with a zip-up security pocket and a bottle opener so you can enjoy your favourite drink when fishing, even under a burning sun.

Made with waterproof Omni-Shield™ fabric, these Columbia PFG shorts provide Omni-Shade™ UPF 50 protection to keep your thighs safe from the sun’s damaging rays.

Columbia PFG straw hat

Fishing, treading sun-drenched trails or giving paddleboarding a try; whatever you do, if it’s sunny out, then covering your head is a must. For this, the Columbia PFG straw hat is a safe bet. It has a wide shady brim and an adjustable chin guard to stay nicely in place even when the wind blows. Wear it on bright fishing days or any other activity beneath the summer sun.

Columbia PFG Bonehead women’s shoes

In addition to having a clean and stylish aesthetic, the Columbia PFG Bonehead shoes are super versatile. They provide comfort and stability on fishing trips and daily outings alike, and they are treated against water and dirt to be extra resistant.

The importance of using the right clothing to protect your skin from the sun

If you plan on staying out in the sun for a while, you will need sun protection clothing, and that does not only apply when you are on or near the water…

You should protect your skin at all times – it is a matter of health. It is also what Columbia’s UV protection PFG collection and Omni-Shade™ technology are all about.

UVA and UVB rays can be very harmful to the skin, and that goes way beyond “mere” sunburns… They can indeed do long-term damage to epidermis cells. Over time, sun exposure may cause various detrimental effects like premature skin aging, and increase the risk of skin cancer.

Clothing with effective sun protection should be worn whenever there is prolonged exposure to the sun. This is one of the primary recommendations of the Skin Cancer Foundation, which incidentally gave its seal of approval to Columbia’s Omni-Shade™ products.

Cover your arms with a long-sleeve t-shirt or shirt, even if the weather is hot. The same goes for legs (otherwise, don’t skimp on sunscreen), whether you’re hiking or on a fishing trip. Cover your head and the nape of your neck as well, ideally by wearing a large-brimmed hat.

Initially created with anglers in mind, Columbia’s Performance Fishing Gear collection is really for all outdoor enthusiasts. The brand’s high-performance and functional shirts, shorts and footwear are fit to equip anyone who doesn’t mind being exposed to the sun and heat. So grab your fishing rod, lug your paddleboard or put on your hiking shoes and head out to experience the great outdoors, no matter how hot the sun is!


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