The Best Winter Jackets for Extreme Cold


August 11, 2023


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Best Winter Jacket

Are you looking for the best winter jackets for extreme cold without freezing so that you can take on the winter and still enjoy your outdoor activities alone or with the family? To make it easier for you, discover our selection of the best winter coats brands for canadian winters for men and women that will help you to stay warm year after year.


  1. The North Face Winter Jackets
  2. Columbia Winter Jackets
  3. Indyeva Winter Jackets
  4. Borealis Winter Jackets
  5. Helly Hansen Winter Jackets
  6. RAB Winter Jackets
  7. Quartz CO Winter Jackets
  8. FAQ

The North Face Winter Jackets

TNF jacketsInsulation

The Californian brand has been popular for a long time for its insulated winter jackets made with high quality goose down, whose fill power ranges between 550 and 900. Having taken an ecological turn, The North Face only uses RDS down (Responsible Down Standard) offering an ethical standard which ensures plumage traceability and animal protection.

If you prefer synthetic insulation to down, the brand has also developed technical jackets designed for board sports with ThermoBallTM Eco insulation, imitating feathers. This material is lightweight and compressible and it retains heat even when wet. Fun fact: the brand is always testing its new technologies with world-renowned athletes, so you can count on this insulation to protect you during your high-intensity outdoor activities.

What sets The North Face jackets apart from the rest

The North Face has made a clear commitment to ensure sustainable and responsible manufacturing of its products, from materials to packaging. It also meets various needs thanks to a range of diversified styles of jackets. Winter jackets are suitable for city and mountain, low as well as high-intensity activities, and harsh climates as well as extreme conditions.

Whether it’s using PFC-free water-repellent treatments, making a product range with over 75% recycled content, or using Thermoball Eco insulation made from 100% recycled fibers, The North Face is committed to being more sustainable, and so much the better!

Sizes offered

  • Men’s Winter Jackets: Small (S) to extra, extra large (2XL)
  • Women’s Winter Jackets: Extra small (XS) to extra large (XL)

The North Face Men’s Winter Jackets

The North Face Women’s Winter Jackets

Columbia Winter Jackets

columbia jackets winterInsulation

While the original two-layer Bugaboo jacket launched in 1986 kept its fans warm for a long time, it was the Omni-HeatTM and ThermaratorTM synthetic insulation fabrics that made it big. The former is designed for moderate to extreme cold and activities requiring flexibility and good breathability. The second is made of finer fibers and offers a high weight and heat ratio that helps generate heat without being too heavy. Some styles are also made from goose down.

What sets Columbia jackets apart from the rest

Columbia is synonymous with continuous innovation and versatility, and its winter jackets are no exception. The styles are constantly evolving and equipped with an intelligent partitioning to evenly distribute the insulating fabrics throughout the coats so that you can stay warm when it’s cold…or freezing!

Like some other major outdoor brands, Columbia shows concern for the environment. Its down-insulated jackets, for example, are filled with RDS-certified down, which meets high ecological and ethical animal welfare standards. Another example: its rain jackets and clothing with OutDry Extreme Eco technology are completely waterproof, thanks to their eco-friendly membrane with no intentional addition of PFCs.

Sizes offered

  • Men’s Winter Jackets: Small (S) to extra, extra large (2XL) and plus sizes
  • Women’s Winter Jackets: Extra small (XS) to extra, extra large (XXL) and plus sizes

Columbia Men’s Winter Jackets

Columbia Women’s Winter Jacket

Indyeva Winter Jackets

Indyeva winter jackets


Indyeva’s jackets have a well-proven performance record. Their insulation keeps you warm in the coldest conditions, wet or dry, making them an ideal choice for everyday use or moderate outdoor activities.
We also like the fact that Indyeva women’s winter jackets stay lightweight and ergonomic. Their superior warmth retention is due to the quality and high fill power of the down used for insulation. Fabrics used by Indyeva include bluesign® recycled nylon, while insulation is made notably from goose down (80% down, 20% feathers) with a fill power of 700 in³/oz.
Add to this a fine finish (ripstop fabric, water-repellent treatment…), and you get a winter jacket with an excellent quality-price ratio, perfect for the everyday life of active women!

What sets Indyeva jackets apart from the rest

Montreal-based brand Indyeva offers a nice range of women’s outdoor clothing. Its approach is simple: to give everyone the freedom to stay active, whatever the weather, without having to choose between style and comfort. To achieve that, Indyeva uses cutting-edge fabrics and techniques to create warm, comfortable and elegant jackets.
The brand also operates with sustainability in mind, both in terms of the materials used and the manufacturing processes. Its white duck down insulation, for example, is RDS-certified, which implies high sustainability standards. Indyeva also uses materials like recycled nylon and Bluesign®-certified fabrics.

Sizes offered
Women’s Winter Jackets: Extra small (XS) to extra large (XL)

Borealis Winter Jackets

borealis jackets winterInsulation

Designed in the province of Quebec, Borealis’ aims to bring nature within everyone’s reach. And that translates into an line of down-filled jackets – a highly insulating natural material perfect for hiking or low-intensity activities – and polyester, a durable material that stores heat fairly well and offers great breathability in addition to having excellent moisture-wicking capacities. It wicks moisture, much to the delight of cross-country skiers and mountain hikers.

What sets Borealis jackets apart from the rest

These winter jackets perpetuate Borealis principles: ingenuity, versatility and accessibility. Everyone can find something suitable with the different styles of Borealis jackets offering good value, an unpretentious design, multiple sizes and unifying colours.

The Canadian brand also takes care to use as many sustainable fabrics and raw materials as possible: recycled polyester for the outer fabric of certain jacket models, recycled Primaloft Black Rise insulation, and so on. If sustainability criteria are important in your search for a warm winter jacket, you will find a great fit in Borealis.  

Sizes offered

  • Men’s Winter Jackets: Small (S) to extra, extra large (2XL)
  • Women’s Winter Jackets: Extra small (XS) to extra, extra large (XXL)

Borealis Men’s Winter Jackets

Borealis Women’s Winter Jackets

Helly Hansen Winter Jackets

helly hansen jackets winterInsulation

Helly Hansen is a brand of Norwegian heritage that has been around for almost 145 years. The brand’s insulated clothing for men, women and kids is designed for a variety of low to high-intensity nordic sports.

The different innovative technologies used by Helly Hansen have been developed and tested with professionals that work and live in some of the world’s harshest climates. One of these technologies is H2Flow™, a temperature regulation system that was designed in collaboration with mountain professionals in order to provide skiers with comfort and versatility in changing weather conditions. This system keeps you warm by storing the warm air emanating from your body, and also allows you to cool down thanks to strategically-placed zippers that provide ventilation.

When it comes to insulation, Helly Hansen’s LIFA® technology is what really sets the brand apart. Combined with Primaloft® synthetic insulation, it retains more heat while remaining light and comfortable, even during the most intense activities. You can be sure, this brand deserve to be in our best winter coats category.

What sets Helly Hansen winter jackets apart from the rest

Helly Hansen’s insulation materials are manufactured in a durable and responsible way. A vast majority of these are made using 80% post-consumer recycled polyester, and the brand regularly adds to the volume of recycled materials used in the manufacture of its products.

Helly Hansen’s general approach to sustainability is reflected as much in the materials used as in the manufacturing processes. This includes using traceable RDS-certified down, selecting suppliers who respect animal welfare, and using vegan leather.

The Norwegian brand has also developed unique innovative concepts such as the LifePocket™, which protects smartphones from the cold and allows their battery to stay charged longer on freezing winter days.

Sizes offered

  • Men’s winter jackets: extra small (XS) to extra, extra, extra large (3XL)
  • Women’s winter jackets: extra small (XS) to extra, extra, extra large (3XL)

Helly Hansen Men’s Winter Jackets

Helly Hansen Women’s Winter Jackets

RAB Winter Jackets

RAB winter jackets


RAB, like some other brands, uses both natural down and Stratus™ synthetic down to insulate its down jackets and winter coats. As of 2022, nearly half of its down was recycled. Recycled or not, the brand only uses RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified down.
RAB is constantly innovating to offer products that are ready for the harshest weather conditions, with jackets that are Gore-Tex, water-repellent, windproof… The Valiance down winter jacket, for example, is warm, waterproof and resistant thanks to its Pertex® Shield design. It’s extra-comfortable for both everyday use and snowy hikes.
On top of their excellent heat retention, RAB winter jackets are also impeccably finished, with their many details and technical features. Down jackets and puffers are also highly compressible, making them easy to slip into a bag.

What sets RAB jackets apart from the rest

For over forty years, RAB has been delivering quality products to all those who love to spend time in the mountains. The brand designs high-performance technical equipment and clothing, focusing on creativity, precision and innovation.
RAB winter jackets and shells offer incomparable protection, comfort and ease of movement. They are aimed at anyone looking for a high-performance jacket with a truly outdoorsy style.
Using cutting-edge technologies such as Pertex® Quantum (windproof) and Pertex® Shield (waterproof), RAB builds long-lasting products that will follow you wherever you go. The quality of the brand’s natural and synthetic downs is also one of its hallmarks, as are its soft and hard shells, which are highly praised by outdoor enthusiasts – and perfect for layering!

Sizes offered
Men’s Winter Jackets: Small (S) to extra, extra large (2XL)
Women’s Winter Jackets: Extra, extra small (XS) to extra, extra large (2XL)

Quartz CO Winter Jackets

quartz manteaux hiverInsulation

Quartz Co. uses both natural down and synthetic insulation to fill its outerwear. The Canadian brand uses only traceable down from animals raised on farms in Alberta and Quebec and treated in the most humane way. As for Isosoft, the synthetic insulation used by Quartz Co. for its jackets, it is made up of 92% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. It is a breathable, moisture and mildew resistant insulation material, designed to retain its flexibility and volume over time.

What sets Quartz Co. winter jackets apart

Quartz Co.’s high-quality jackets are a perfect fit for our nordic lifestyle. With a combination of style and functionality, they are lightweight, comfortable and offer great performance in all kinds of weather. In addition to that, they are made from recycled materials since the Canadian brand is committed to reducing its ecological footprint.

Since 2015, the brand has been working to reduce its environmental footprint through technological innovation, thoughtful design and a range of ethical business practices. The brand ensures that all its suppliers comply with strict standards and use only sustainable materials.

Sizes offered

  • Men’s winter jackets: extra, extra small (XXS) to extra, extra large (XXL)
  • Women’s winter jackets: extra, extra small (XXS) to extra, extra large (XXL)

Quartz Co Men’s Winter Jackets

Quartz Co Women’s Winter Jackets

You now have knowledge of some of the best alternatives to look for when shopping for a men’s or women’s insulated winter jacket. Heat retention, waterproofness, wind resistance, functionality, comfort… The brands featured here know how to make good jackets that tick all the boxes, without forgetting the importance of a sustainable approach. From the top of the slopes to the depths of the trails, you can enjoy endless outdoor fun without being stopped by the weather.


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