Winter Boots: Questions to Ask Yourself and Tips For Choosing Them


August 20, 2022


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Winter boots tips for choosing them

Nowadays, manufacturers have come up with a wide range of solid winter boots to suit active types as well as fashionable hipsters braving a winter’s night on the town. Nobody has to put up with cold tootsies if they take the time to think things through about how and where they’re going to use the winter boots. Here are some tips on how to choose your winter boots.

In this article, you will learn about three questions to ask yourself before buying winter boots:

  1. Winter boots: Which type of insulation is best?
  2. Which winter boots suit your activities?
  3. Best winter boots for men
  4. Best winter boots for women
  5. What essentials will keep your feet warm this winter?

Winter boots: Which type of insulation is best?


Which winter boots suit your activities?

What essentials will keep your feet warm this winter?

1. Socks

No matter what boots you wear, if the socks on your feet aren’t up to winter conditions, chances are you’ll find yourself with cold feet and craving a fireside chair. Invest in a good pair of merino wool or synthetic socks that wick heat vapour away from your skin. Keeping your feet dry is half the battle when it comes to being warm in winter.

2. Winter boot treatments

To keep your boots waterproof and protect your investment, a number of treatments are available. Be sure to get one that is designed for the materials on your boots. For leather, this is even more important because if untreated, the leather dries out and cracks and that eventually results in a leak, soggy socks and cold feet.

3. Heated insoles

Battery powered insoles offer a warm refuge from the cold. If you live with very cold temperatures or if you have poor blood circulation, these may be the solution. When fitting your winter boots, however, remember you’ll need extra room for the insoles.

4. Ice cleats

Unfortunately, no winter boot can guarantee you won’t slip on ice. That’s where ice cleats or spikes come in. Just slip them over the bottom of your boots and suddenly you‘ve got the traction to take on the iciest conditions. These are great ideas for dog walkers and seniors with fragile bones.

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