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The best fall jackets of 2023


May 1, 2023


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The 6 best fall jacket brands of 2022

It’s no simple task to choose a fall jacket, given how many different types of jackets are available for mid-season. The number of brands and models is increasing, and it only makes sense: some people prefer to wear a light down jacket, while others opt for a “real” mid-season jacket. And let’s not forget rain jackets, which are also an option! To assist you in your search, we’ve put together a list of the best fall jackets of 2023!

In this article, you will learn more about the 6 brands to consider for your next fall jacket:

  1. RAB fall jackets
  2. Columbia fall jackets
  3. Borealis fall jackets
  4. The North Face fall jackets
  5. Cotopaxi fall jackets
  6. Jack Wolfskin fall jackets

RAB fall jackets

RAB_fall_jacketRAB is a British company which manufactures outdoors clothing and other gear. All of RAB’s products are tested in the harshest of conditions to ensure they meet the strictest standards.

RAB is one of the main mountaineering gear manufacturers, and its products are used by mountain climbers all over the world. The brand also manufactures some of the best waterproof vests on the market, which are very popular amongst hikers.

What makes RAB fall jackets different

RAB’s fall jackets are made from high-quality materials, designed to last. The jackets are also very breathable, as well as available in a wide range of styles and colours.

Thanks to their PrimaLoft® Silver Luxe synthetic insulation, both the men’s and women’s Cirrus Flex jackets retain their puffiness, dry quickly and keep out the cold when the weather conditions are unstable up in the mountains. If you are looking for an even more versatile option, the Microlight Alpine jacket could be your perfect match. With its adjustable hood, its elastic cuffs and its soft and compressible materials, it is a real multipurpose jacket.

Columbia fall jackets

Columbia_fall_jacketColumbia is a big American brand which manufactures clothing and outdoors gear for the whole family. The brand has been offering quality products for over 80 years and is a trusted name known by all.

The brand associates with other companies in order to bring additional expertise to its products, but it also benefits from a team of engineers dedicated to creating the best gear possible.

What makes Columbia’s fall jackets different

Columbia fall jackets are made from high-quality materials which will last for years. They stand out due to Columbia’s own Omni-Heat™ technology. This unique thermal-reflective material is used in the jacket’s lining and reflects your body heat back to you, keeping you warm even in the coldest of conditions.

Columbia jackets also have a waterproof outer shelf which protects you against all possible types of bad weather. They are light and compressible as well. The Ascender men’s soft shell makes an excellent mid-season jacket. For women, we love the Flora Park soft shell jacket.

Borealis fall jackets

Borealis_fall_jacketBorealis is a Canadian company specialized in winter sports equipment. Borealis’ products are designed to keep you warm and dry, even in the most extreme conditions.

The Quebec brand is now a staple in the market. The company is known for the durability and quality of its products, but also for its use of recycled materials in the manufacturing process. Borealis is a leader in the industry when it comes to using cutting-edge technology, such as Gore-Tex and PrimaLoft, which makes it stand out from the competition.

What makes Borealis fall jackets different

Quebec brand Borealis is exclusively focused on outdoors gear and offers high quality materials so you can enjoy the entire season without any worry. Borealis literally has a jacket for every occasion with its vast selection of durable and versatile jackets for men, women and children. The Victoria 2.0 down jacket is a sound choice in the women’s department, with its impressively light weight and sustainable insulation. On the men’s side, you can bet on the Tofino jacket, which we love for its versatility, among other things. It is, for example, ideally suited to be part of a multilayer system.

The North Face fall jackets

TNF_fall_jacketThe North Face is a big name in the industry of outdoors pursuits, with products designed for a wide variety of outdoors activities and sports. The American brand was founded in 1966 to provide quality products to mountaineers and mountain climbers.

The company has associated with other brands in order to widen its reach in various markets. To create the best products possible, The North Face combines its own ideas with those of its partners.

What makes The North Face fall jackets different

The North Face manufactures high-quality jackets which, when well taken care of, can be enjoyed by their owners for many years. The North Face’s own ThermoBall™ synthetic insulation is used in its jackets to provide warmth, even when wet. A good option in the men’s department is the ThermoBall Eco mid-season jacket, which can be worn alone or as a mid-layer depending on the temperature. For women, the ThermoBall Eco 2.0 transitional jacket, available in plus sizes, is one of the best fall jacket with a slim fit patterned specifically for sizes 1X and 2X.

Cotopaxi fall jackets

Cotopaxi Fall Jacket

Adventure is in Cotopaxi’s DNA. Through its sustainable and ethical approach, the brand aims to preserve the environment where all adventures happen. Its outdoor clothing and equipment are designed with versatility and durability in mind so they can follow you anywhere.
A certified B Corp, the llama logo brand offers colourful and some of the best fall jackets for men and women, all of which are manufactured in the most ethical way possible.

What makes Cotopaxi fall jackets different

Cotopaxi’s transitional jackets and other clothing last a long time, but that is only half of why the brand is so appreciated by its wearers. Among other things, Cotopaxi uses high-quality, responsible and traceable goose down insulation. Other materials used are just as sustainable, including recycled polyester and recycled taffeta. Performance and quality are the main focus for Cotopaxi’s fall jackets: ripstop nylon, water-resistant down…
A champion of mid-season versatility, the Fuego Hooded Down Jacket for women and men will take you from spring to fall. You will certainly be pleased with its lightness and waterproofness during your cool weather getaways!

Jack Wolfskin fall jackets

Jack Wolfskin Fall Jacket

Jack Wolfskin designs gear for those who want to feel “at home outdoors.” For over forty years, the brand has been providing equipment for beginner and seasoned adventurers heading out to discover nature with family or friends.
Today, Jack Wolfskin has a nice range of clothing and equipment built for all kinds of activities in the great outdoors. The brand’s motto, “marked by the wilderness,” echoes its ever-growing ecological commitment, focusing on using recycled materials, 100% organic cotton, certified down and more.

What makes Jack Wolfskin fall jackets different

Jack Wolfskin’s transitional clothing and fall jackets are warm, breathable and weatherproof, and they can protect you no matter the conditions. In the brand’s line, all outdoor enthusiasts can find something to meet their needs and align with their priorities, from weight to waterproofness or breathability…
The NEBELHORN down hoody, for instance, is a very sturdy wind-breaking jacket made from PERTEX QUANTUM, a material that combines polyamide and RDS-certified down. This same technology is used in the PASSAMANI down mid-layer jacket. The FELDBERG hoody is another great option, especially for those looking for a light shell jacket; it is made from TEXASHIELD PRO, a three-layer waterproof and breathable material.


Each of the brands mentioned offers high-quality products which will keep you warm and dry throughout the season. From synthetic insulation to waterproof and breathable fabrics, these brands each have features that make them unique.

Of course, it’s a question of preference, but don’t forget to take your requirements and your activity level into account when choosing your best fall jacket. You can also read our article on the 5 best winter jackets brands to stay warm during the winter.


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