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Transitional Jackets

What is a transitional jacket?

Do you have a hard time finding the right jacket to keep you comfortable from winter to spring? Our men’s transitional jackets are the perfect all-season solution.

Designed to withstand cold, rain and all-around bad weather, our transit jackets can keep you warm while you’re hiking or running, or even while you’re out on the ski hill or a hunting trip. Much like a rain jacket or softshell, transit jackets protect you from the elements while keeping you comfortable with breathable, lightweight fabrics perfect for an active lifestyle.

Ideal for taking you from summer highs to fall lows, our selection of waterproof mid-layer jackets, packable windbreakers and insulated fleece jackets can even keep you warm during a spell of mid-season cool weather.

Don’t worry about packing an extra sweater and opt for a Gore-Tex parka or down jacket. Whether you’re looking for plus-size, ultralight, minimalist, hooded or adjustable jackets, you can find what you need from our selection of top brands: The North Face, Columbia, Borealis.

Discover our 10 tips to help you choose the best transitional jacket to keep you comfortable rain or shine.