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Attractants, Urine & Feeders

Attractants, urines and feeders to get all the duck, deer, moose, bear and coyote out there!

Have you ever wondered how to attract ducks for hunting? Or are you looking for the best scent attractant for deer hunting or the best bait for deer hunting?

Hunting attractants and scent baits are essential for any hunter. With our selection of hunting lures you can get all the game out there!

Check out our essential accessories for trapping a range of animals. With a selection of scents, hormones, baiting strategies and scent masking, you can lure any duck, deer, moose bear or coyote!

Shop our scent killers and eliminators so that your prey has no idea you’re around! Or maybe you’re in the market for a salt block or Himalayan salts to attract more deer to your favourite hunting spot. We also have jelly, jam, synthetic and animal urine, sex lures and pheromones. So gear up with top brands like SAIL, Buck Expert and Tink's and get out there!