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Insect Repellents

Looking for the best insect repellent in Canada?

Don’t let bugs, ticks, deer flies or black flies ruin your time in the great outdoors! We have what you need, whether it’s the best mosquito repellent devices, best insect repellent for ticks or the best insect repellent for children!

Want to protect your kids from insects without all the DEET while you’re out at the family cabin? We have all-natural products like lotions, wipes and sprays for babies and children made from non-chemical and environmentally friendly ingredients.

And if you’re planning on going camping this summer, relax and enjoy with portable and electric devices, cartridge refills, mosquito shields, bug zapper rackets, traps, propane and butane mosquito repellents, repellent pumps, lanterns, citronella candles and coils.

Whether you’re honing your bushcraft skills in the wilderness or travelling to tropical countries, we have a range of DEET-free gels, creams and aerosol sprays that will keep the bugs away. And if you do get bit, we’ve got a selection of tick removal devices and After Bite to help you recover quickly!

Shop our selection of Thermacell, Watkins and Coleman products to keep it bug-free this summer!