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Trail Cameras

Hunting trail cameras for hunting or surveillance: security and reliability guaranteed!

Whether you’re looking for the best camera trap for wildlife photography or the most reliable trail camera, we have the best selection of trail cameras in Canada and Quebec!

Our wild game trail cameras and spy cameras feature all the latest technology to work on wireless, cell or Wi-Fi networks, no matter where you find yourself in the great outdoors. You can also get products with text alerts!

If you’re planning on hunting at night, we have cameras with infrared night vision and thermal cameras. We also have mini hunting cameras and on-board cameras for ultimate versatility. So whether you want to nab some deer, birds, moose or bear, our cameras for shotguns and rifles are designed for game hunters at all levels. Plus, they’re bullet proof and portable!

Before you head out, don’t forget accessories like memory cards, SD cards, power sources like batteries, chargers, battery packs and solar panels!

You can also capture high-resolution footage of wildlife with our observation devices, designed to detect animals in any environment.

Shop our selection of the top trail and game cameras in top brands like Spypoint and Bushnell.