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Bug Nets

Keep the critters away with our selection of bug nets!

Love the great Canadian outdoors, but can’t stand the bugs, ticks and black flies? Sometimes mosquito repellent just doesn’t cut it! Check out our selection of the best clothing to protect against mosquitoes and the best mosquito netting for hiking.

Keep the deer flies and other insects at bay on your next camping trip with our mosquito net jackets, bug pants, mosquito net hats, hoods, caps, hard hat bug nets and head nets! We also have a range of youth bug jackets and mesh bug jackets for kids that will keep your little ones safe on your next family hike. Or if you’re looking to travel and need the best travel mosquito net for hotels, we have portable travel mosquito nets and shelters for beds so you can catch some shuteye in peace!

Shop our selection of products from Coghlan’s, SAIL and Little Fly to stay safe and enjoy your summer.