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Cycling gear and accessories to track your fitness and keep you safe

In the market for the best road cycling accessories or best accessories for indoor cycling? Whether you need essential equipment for safety while road biking, bags to take to work while urban biking, or a bike computer to track your speed, distance, calories and pace while indoor cycling at home, SAIL has what you need.

If you’re looking to buy bike accessories online in Canada, check out SAIL’s large selection of products for mountain biking, electric biking, bike touring, camping and more. Staying safe is important, so make sure to get the best padlocks, pumps and safety lights so that cars can see you at night! Plus, a good maintenance kit is a must-have while you’re on the road. Make sure you have all the parts you need: tubes, tires, patch kits, portable or foot pumps and CO2 cartridges.

Whether you’re planning on taking your hybrid bike on a short outing this summer or training for a triathlon, the right bike accessories are important. Especially if you’re planning on travelling with your bike! Don’t forget a good GPS and bags, racks and panniers for long-distance cycling. And if you’re more into indoor cycling, check out our home trainers, training racks and storage options. Shop top brands like Blackburn, Bryton and Vaude at SAIL!