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Life jackets

Float safely on the water

Enjoy the lakes and rivers, and go swimming, fishing, kayaking or paddleboarding all summer long. Opt for an approved flotation device to ensure the safety of each member of the family, including your furry companion.

Browse our different flotation clothing and life jackets - inflatable or foam - for men, women, children and dogs. You're sure to find one to suit your needs, as well as the activity you want to do.



At SAIL, your safety is important to us. Which is why we offer a wide selection of life vests, life jackets, and other personal floatation devices (PFD) designed by renowned brands such as Mustang, Stohlquist, and SAIL. All of our life jackets, inflatable PFD, safety jackets, paddle board (SUP) pfd, infant pfd, and more ensure your safety out on the water.

No matter the type of security you're looking for, you'll find unisex floatation suits, paddling pfd, adult, men and women's pfd, kayak pfd, fishing pfd, floatation jackets, pants, and bibs for your safety and security. You will even find dog pfd for bring along your furry friend.

Depending on the season, and where you're headed in Canada, choose the right PFD to keep you safe.