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Travel equipment: A list of all the essentials for travel in Quebec, Canada or internationally

Are you looking to buy air travel accessories online? In the market for the top travel accessories for backpackers or must-have dog travel accessories? At SAIL, we have what you need for the whole family: men, women, children, babies, and even dogs!

If you’re planning to travel in Quebec, Canada or internationally, you’ll need the best travel gear out there. Travelling can be overwhelming, keeping track of your passports on long-haul flights, or keeping tabs on all your essentials on car, train or bus trips. No matter how you get there, we have what you need to keep you organized. Gear up well to leave with peace of mind!

Whether you need a new suitcase, wheeled luggage or carry-on bag, check out our selection! We also have sports bags, travel packs, duffel bags, tote bags and expedition backpacks. And to help you stay safe and keep your passport secure on your next international getaway, we have waisted fanny packs, cross-body bags, travel pouches, mesh protectors, locks, anti-theft and RFID wallets, bags and belts and more!

And if you’re planning to do some camping or bike travel in the great outdoors, we have great gear: compression bags, toiletry bags, and everything you need to keep your sun protection, personal hygiene, towels and electronics organized. Planning a road trip? Pick up some car accessories, adapters and charging racks.

Tourism has never been so simple! Shop top brands like SAIL, Pacsafe and Sea to Summit to get the most out of your trip.