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Rain Boots


SAIL offers a selection of the some of the very best rain boots for women. Among our different styles of rubber boots and rain boots, you'll find short rain boots for women, or high rain boots, according to your needs and the season during which you plan to wear them. Different models such as rain boots that are larger at the calf for more comfort and better fit, boots with a heel for a more fashionable choice, and well as a selection of more chic rain boots for the city, and more. A variety of colours is also at your disposal, such as black, pink, white, red, etc. Whether you are looking for a pair of boots to walk around downtown Montreal, Ottawa, or Toronto, or a warm, insulated pair of rain boots for an outdoor activity during a cooler season, you'll surely find the right pair for you that will offer water-resistance and comfort. By shopping at SAIL, you'll have access to a wide selection of boots from top brands such as AIGLE, Borealis, Cougar, and more!