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Everything you need for a great hunting trip!

Are you planning your summer hunting trips and wondering what rifle to buy for deer or moose hunting? Or maybe you need the best all-around or long-range hunting rifle.

Whether you’re hunting big game like deer and moose, or waterfowl like duck and goose, you’ll need to be well equipped. We have 22 hunting rifles, 223 hunting rifles, 12 gauge shotguns, air rifles and wooden hunting rifles.

Or maybe you’re more in the market for a centrefire rifle or rimfire rifle. We have firearms with bolt action, semi automatics and muzzleloaders.

If a shotgun is more your style, we have semi autos, over and under and pump action! And a hunting trip isn’t complete without softshell ammunition, bullets and pellets!

Shop our vast selection of top brands like Benelli, Beretta, Franchi, Browning and Winchester and more!