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Hunting knives & Tools

Must-have hunting knives and tools for hunting season

If you’re in the market for the best bird hunting knife, best duck hunting knife or the best hunting survival knife, look no further! Buy a hunting knife online or at SAIL in the best brands like Buck, Browning, Camilius and our home brand, SAIL.

Our selection of must-have gear and accessories to prepare and skin meat includes heavy duty hunting knives, hunting and fishing pocket knives and camo hunting knives! These beautiful, high-end knives are essential for all serious hunters and outdoorsmen.

Whether you’re into fishing or hunting, we have long-bladed, sharp and the best steel knives out there for any task. Choose between folding and fixed blade hunting knives, tactical knives and skinning knives! We also have essential gear like knife sharpeners, hunting saws, hunting shears, hunting axes, pruners, processing sets, tool kits and multitools that you can pack for your next trip to hunting camp. Get ready to nab all the game, birds, ducks, deer, moose and elk out there!