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Eyes on the prize

Head out with confidence into the hidden woods. Make sure you camouflage yourself with technical clothing and blinds that will help you go incognito.

Increase your chances of a successful hunt by relying on top hunting gear and accessories built for everything from turkey and bear hunting to moose, deer, migratory bird, partridge hunting and more.



At SAIL, you'll find a wide range of hunting gear from great brands, like SAIL and Remington. If you're looking for a firearm, crossbow, muzzleloader, hunting boots, and more, you'll find an array of items to get your best prizes yet. Shotguns, center fire rifles, and firearm accessories will have your equipment set for your next outing. If you're looking for clothing, look no further. Find hunting clothing and boots for men and women, jackets, rainwear, high-visibility clothing, base layers and underwear that will suit you up for hunting.

Camo styles and colours are available for both rifles and hunting clothing and boots. And, if you're looking for knives, tactical backpacks, attractancs, feeders, game calls, or decoys, SAIL won't let you down. A selection of bows and crossbows is also at your disposal. Whether you're headed out turkey hunting, duck hunting, bear hunting, moose hunting, goose hunting, or anything in between, you'll find the small game and big game hunting accessories and items you need.

To top it off, useful items such as a gun lock and safe, urine, calls, blinds, tree stands and more will help your experience be a successful one.