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Reel in your catches with confidence

A reel is a fishing essential that allows you to achieve optimal results, hence the need to choose it carefully. Bet on a reel with good braking and good rolling capacity.

We provide you with a host of different-sized reels for spinning, casting and trolling, as well as right-handed and left-handed options. Get them to bite and reel 'em in!


The best fishing reels in Canada!

Wondering what types of fishing reels we’ve got in store? If you’re looking for a spinning fishing reel, a bait-casting fishing reel, a trolling fishing reel or a center-pin fishing reel, we’ve got what you need.

Whether you cast left-handed or right-handed, we have all the fishing reels you need for saltwater, freshwater, fly fishing, deep sea or ocean fishing, lake fishing, finesse fishing or flot fishing! Enjoy your summer and bring all your gear out onto your kayak, canoe or pontoon and perfect your technique to snag some pike, walleye, bass, trout, salmon, crappie or striper!

Or if you prefer ice fishing in the winter, check out the best ice fishing reels in Canada for top performance, technology, strength and durability.

Whether you’re fishing while travelling, backpacking or just out at the lake, shop our fishing reels in top brands like Daiwa, Okuma and 13 Fishing.