Day 4: Haugastølvegen & Eidfjord, Norway


June 3, 2016


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After such a great time in Sweden, I hopped on a flight to Norway, with about four days to jam in action and adventure. My first night was spent in Oslo, and with a quick breakfast, we jetted off for a 500 km drive to Bergen. This is the first pano I stitched together of the green, grand mountains.

Norway has an unreal landscape – perfectly healthy, cool colours, and at its peaks, still winter in May. Below are some shots from Haugastølvegen, located in the country’s Hardangervidda National Park. According to the park’s Wikipedia page, “[It] at 3,422 square kilometers, is Norway’s largest national park. It spans from Numedal and Uvdal in the east and Røvelseggi and Ullensvang in the west across the Hardanger mountain plateau.”

It wasn’t as cold as it looked. About 11 C.

Photo 2

During our drive from Oslo to Bergen, we also spent time at Eidfjord in in Hordaland county. Stunning, isn’t it? This photos were taken around 9 p.m., the sun still shinning through the mountain.

Photo 8Photo 6Photo 7


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