Fishing for beginners: Tips and equipment to learn this activity


August 11, 2022


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Fishing for beginners: Tips and equipment to learn this activity

Maxime Lavoie and Anne Blouin are a young couple of students with a passion for fishing. Together, they share their adventures on fishing boats and don’t plan to stop this activity that provides them with extraordinary summer days. Fond of bass fishing, Maxime Lavoie and Anne Blouin share their tips on how to start fishing and get off to a good start.

Article written in collaboration with Maxime Lavoie and Anne Blouin, creators of fishing content

In this article, you will learn more about:

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The essential gear to go fishing

Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

St Croix spinning rod

First, choose a fishing rod and reel set suitable for beginners. To do so, choose a 7-foot (213 cm) light casting rod with medium or medium-high power, combined with a 2500 or 3000 size reel. This set is suitable for a multitude of techniques that will allow you to catch most fish in Quebec.

Daiwa Spinning reel


​​In terms of lures, you have several choices :

  1. You can opt for a spinnerbait. Versatile, it attracts all species of predatory fish. This type of lure easily weaves through weeds and reflects light, allowing you to tease fish even in murky waterSpinnerbait lure
  2. Another option is the chatterbait, a lure with a blade that emits sound and vibration to cover a larger area of water to attract many fish.
    Chatterbait lure
  3. You can also choose a small swimbait which is a lure that imitates fish or bait. Choose the one that suits the fish you want to catch. This type of lure should be attached directly to a hook or added to a spinnerbait or chatterbait.Swimbait lure


  1. Don’t go without polarized glasses. These are necessary to block the rays and to see the vegetation at the bottom of the water as well as the fish that are there.Body Glove polarized glasses
  2. Finally, equip yourself with a sonar, essential for navigation. It allows you to see the structures of the sea floor as well as the activity under the boat.Lowrance sonar

5 tips before going fishing

  • Pay close attention to fishing knots.
  • Use natural coloured lures in clear water.
  • It is essential to know the diet of the target species in order to choose the right bait.
  • Don’t overlook places where you haven’t caught anything before because aquatic life is constantly changing!
  • It is also important to know the particularities of each body of water in order to adjust your approach. C-MAP, Navionics or Google Earth applications can be useful.

Inspiring fishing Instagram accounts

To entice you even more, here are some Instagram accounts that will make you want to try this beautiful activity that is fishing. You’ll find inspiring & dreamworthy posts as well as expert tips.

Hilary Sue

Hilary Sue, daughter of famous fisherman Scott Martin, comes from a line of famous fishermen. She’s proving to everyone that women have just as much of a place in the fishing world as men and that they have nothing to envy.

Check out Hilary Sue’s Instagram account

Wired to Fish

Wired to Fish is a tips and tricks account that covers all types of fish and all fishing techniques. All this in a language that is suitable for both beginners and experts.

Discover Wired to Fish’s Instagram account

Brandon Palaniuk

Brandon Palaniuk is one of the top anglers on the Bassmaster Elite Series. He qualified at a very young age for the Fishing Classic. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to see his fishing tournament vlogs where you can feel his passion and fun. Also follow him on Instagram to keep up with his victories.

Discover Brandon Palaniuk’s Instagram account

Les Frères Johnston

The Johnston brothers are also an inspiration for Anne Blouin and Maxime Lavoie since these Canadians dominate the professional circuit. They prove that Canada has its place in the fishing world, which is predominantly American.

Discover Chris Johnston’s Instagram account

Discover Cory Johnston’s Instagram account

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