Quebec and Ontario: the best dog-friendly hiking destinations


March 30, 2023


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Hiking with dog

Does your dog have plenty of energy to spend? Why not go hiking and take them along with you! There are plenty of beautiful places in Quebec and Ontario where you can take your dog on nature walks to get some fresh air, many of which are near lakes or rivers. Here is our list of the top 7 dog-friendly parks in Quebec and Ontario.

In this article, you will discover:

  1. The Parc régional des Appalaches (Chaudière-Appalaches)
  2. The Vallée Bras-du-Nord (Capitale Nationale)
  3. The Parc régional des Sept-Chutes (Lanaudière)
  4. The parc régional Val-David–Val-Morin (Laurentides)
  5. Gatineau Park (Outaouais)
  6. Algonquin Park (Ontario)
  7. Bruce Peninsula National Park (Ontario)
  8. FAQ

The Parc régional des Appalaches (Chaudière-Appalaches)

Hiking with dog Parc régional des Appalaches

Parc régional des Appalaches, Quebec

In the Parc régional des Appalaches, dogs are allowed pretty much anywhere, including on the trails, in the park’s rivers or its huts (which is quite rare in Quebec, and worth mentioning). It is the ideal place to introduce your four-legged friend to the joys of going on nature walks, as the forest in the Chaudière-Appalaches region is particularly beautiful. The park is known for its many streams and rivers, and the thirty arched footbridges and suspended bridges that cross them, all of which will delight the entire family. If your dog loves to climb, why not take them on the Garde-Feu trail, which leads to the top of Mount Sugar Loaf? The mountain is just as beautiful in the summer and the fall as it is during the winter, covered in snow.

As it is mandatory to keep your dog on a leash at all times while on the trails, consider equipping yourself with a collar, a leash or a harness that’s suitable for outdoor activities.

The Vallée Bras-du-Nord (Capitale Nationale)

Hiking with dog Vallée Bras-du-Nord

Vallée Bras-du-Nord, Quebec

A little hidden gem in the heart of the Portneuf region, the Vallée Bras-du-Nord is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, whether they are on two or four legs. Dogs are allowed on all hiking trails (and snowshoeing trails in the winter) as well as in two campgrounds, three yurts, four cottages and seven huts, all of which are available to rent on site (see the website for a full list). Whether you’re staying for one or several days, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy during your stay in this beautiful park. Make sure you hike the Delaney Falls trail, or the sentier des Falaises (which does live up to its name)!

The Parc régional des Sept-Chutes (Lanaudière)

Hiking with dog Parc régional Sept-Chutes

Parc régional Sept-Chutes, Quebec

Embark on a day of hiking with your dog and go explore the Mount Barrière maple grove or the Mount Brassard rocky ridges. The Parc régional des Sept-Chutes, still relatively unknown, offers incredible views over the entire Matawinie region. There are also quite a few lakes in which to go for a swim after your hike. Your canine friend will enjoy spending the night camping under the amazing starry night sky near Lac Guy or Lac Rémi.

What could be more adorable (and practical!) than a dog carrying its own little backpack? Here is a selection of models to properly equip your dog.

The Parc régional Val-David–Val-Morin (Laurentides)

Hiking with dog Parc régional Val-David-Val-Morin

Parc régional Val-David-Val-Morin, Quebec

The Laurentides region is one of the most beautiful regions to explore all year round. Why not allow your furry best friend to discover it by hiking the Parc régional Val-David–Val-Morin’s trails together? This must-see hiking destination offers a wide network of hiking trails, each of which goes through a dense and diverse forest. Set off on Mount King’s big loop, which starts at the Far Hills cottage, and enjoy the beautiful vistas over the area. Or hike the quieter Parcours du Renard, a good choice for dogs with a little less stamina.

Gatineau Park (Outaouais)

Hiking with dog Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park, Quebec

An excellent outdoor destination and just a stone’s throw away from Ottawa, Gatineau Park welcomes canine hikers on most of its trails. This is the case of the Sugarbush Trail (Chelsea), the Lauriault Trail (Mackenzie King Estate), the Pioneers Trail (Hull sector of Gatineau), and the Capital Pathway (Hull sector of Gatineau) throughout the year. You can also take your dog with you on several other trails between April 15 and November 30. This is to ensure wildlife isn’t disturbed, and that the safety of cross-country skiers or fat bike riders in the winter isn’t compromised.

Algonquin Park (Ontario)

Hiking with dog Algonquin Park

Algonquin Park, Ontario

Algonquin Park is a must-see destination for Ontario outdoor enthusiasts, and even those coming from further away. And there is great news: dogs are allowed in most of the park’s trails, as well as on three of its beaches, each of which provides access to a beautiful lake. If you would like to try an activity with your dog other than hiking, why not rent a watercraft and have them experience canoeing for the first time? They are bound to love it!

If water sports are on the agenda, remember to equip your dog with a personal flotation device (PFD) to ensure they are safe when boating or swimming in deeper water.

Bruce Peninsula National Park (Ontario)

Hiking with dog Bruce Peninsula National Park

Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario

Close to the village of Tobermory, the Bruce Peninsula is known for its mesmerizing emerald-green waters. Hikers hoping to admire the view can do so by walking several trails that follow the coastline. Dogs are welcome and will have as much fun swimming in the water as you probably will after a good hike. Make sure you take a detour to visit the Grotto and its caves, which are carved into the rock along Georgian Bay. You may hear your dog bark their approval!


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