The 5 best winter outdoor slippers


November 1, 2022


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5 best slippers winter

It’s the perfect Christmas gift for those who have permanently cold feet! Whether you wear them inside the house while you work from home, at the cottage after a day spent outside having fun or out on a winter camping trip, a good pair of warm outdoor slippers is the accessory you need to have a comfortable winter. There are many types of products available, including camping slippers, non-slip ones, woollen mules, and insulated booties. Here is our list of the five best outdoor slippers, manufactured by the best brands in the market.


In this article, you will discover:

  1. The North Face’s outdoor slippers
  2. Keen’s outdoor slippers
  3. Borealis’s outdoor slippers
  4. Teva’s outdoor slippers
  5. Rab’s outdoor slippers

The North Face’s outdoor slippers

TNF slippersYou may already know about Thermoball insulation, a synthetic technology developed by The North Face which provides optimal warmth to many of its jackets. Unsurprisingly, the California-based brand has chosen to use this material for its Thermoball Traction V winter outdoor slippers. The slippers’ synthetic insulation is protected by a sturdy and waterproof ripstop fabric, while the inside is lined with fleece. The outer sole is made of 40% recycled rubber allowing for great traction, whatever the surface you are walking on.

Several customers have described the Thermoball Traction slippers as a sleeping bag… for your feet! There is a reason why they are listed amongst the best slippers available. There are two versions of the flagship The North Face product: slippers with collapsible heels and an elastic closure system so you can put them on easily, and ankle-high booties which keep you toasty warm even as you head outside to clear the snow from your balcony!

Keen’s outdoor slippers

Keen slippers

Keen is known for creating extremely comfortable outdoor footwear with plenty of wiggle room at the front for your toes.

The same benefits are found in their winter outdoor slippers, which are more like hybrid shoes that can be worn both inside and outside. The Howser range, amongst others, has stood out for several years and is constantly being improved to fit feet of all shapes and sizes. The range’s many models feature removable polyurethane insoles, which provide durable comfort and natural odour control. The fleece lining keeps your toes warm while the rubber outsole is highly resistant to wear and tear.

If you want to keep your slippers on while walking the dog or running errands, you can opt for the Howser III model, which features quick-pull bungees to quickly tighten them up and safely keep them on your feet as you walk around outside.

The Howser Wrap, developed specifically for women, wraps around smaller feet while still being incredibly easy to slip on and off.

Borealis’s outdoor slippers

Borealis slippers

Borealis, SAIL’s own brand, has always had a deep love of winter. Its varied range of winter slippers, perfect inside and outside the house, is the ultimate proof.

The Refuge, amongst the brand’s flagship products, is available as both a low and an ankle-high bootie-style slipper. Very versatile, it features a warm compressible synthetic insulating lining. Its little brother, the Bivouac, is waterproof (and snow proof, obviously) and lined with faux fur for more warmth and comfort. These are two very popular models amongst outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy staying at refuges or winter camping and need reliable protection for their feet.

If you are looking for cozier models for the long days working at home (or at the cottage), opt for the Manio (for men) and Nannao (for women) slippers. They are made of synthetic fur and covered with a stylish suede upper. They are both excellent choices if you are looking for camping slippers.

Otherwise, have you heard of boiled wool? This wool is delicately boiled, and the resulting fabric is both dense and soft at the same time. Boiled wool is used in the manufacture of jackets and slippers, such as the Borealis Cabin slipper, perfect for the chilliest and most delicate of feet.

Teva’s outdoor slippers

Teva slippersThe Teva brand stands out from the crowd in two ways: its entire production is based on the ecological principles of circular economy, and its slippers are truly unique! The American brand, known for its Velcro and rubber sandals, has carved itself a place in the comfortable footwear market over the past few years. Its most iconic product is the ReEmber, a pair of padded slippers featuring 100% recycled ripstop fabric, rib knit and microfibre. The outsole is also made up of recycled EVA and rubber. The slippers are surprisingly light, and certified vegan.

When it comes to design, the ReEmber model doesn’t go unnoticed. It strongly resembles a casual and stylish city shoe, but it is designed to be worn inside the house or the cottage! Gone are grandma or grandpa’s old slippers, it’s time for comfort and style inside your very own living room.

Rab’s outdoor slippers

Rab slippers

Rab has equipped keen adventurers for over 40 years. The brand has thought of everything, even post-outdoor activity slippers. The British brand offers two products which have proven themselves over the past few years. The first is the Down Hut camping slipper, featuring a recycled synthetic outer. It is also filled with 100% recycled 700-fill-power down. These slippers are therefore warm, light and extremely compressible so you can take them everywhere, from the cottage to your winter camping spot.

The Cirrus Hut, on the other hand, is a bootie-style slipper that extends up to the ankle and has a drawcord cinch around the leg. This provides more protection should you wish to go outside in the snow to watch the stars, for example.

These toe cocoons are available in a wide range of sizes (from extra small to extra large) and colours.

If this article has given you a taste for winter camping, read our article on the topic.


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