10 Canadian Brands to Offer as Gifts to Support Local Buying


February 16, 2022


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Canadian brand: Kombi

Why not offer an outdoor product from a Canadian brand? In addition to encouraging local buying and Canadian businesses, you’ll surely find the perfect gift, as ideas for women, men, and kids are definitely not lacking!


Browse these 10 local brands and find a gift that your favourite outdoor enthusiast is sure to love.

  1. Tentree
  2. FIG
  3. Quartz Co.
  4. Hooké
  5. Indyeva
  6. Borealis
  7. Pelican
  8. Baffin
  9. Kombi
  10. SAIL

Why buy local?

Why buy local, you might ask? Well, not only does it allow you to support local designers and creators as well as Canadian brands, but also to reduce CO2 emissions related to the transportation of merchandise. It’s a great way to help the planet AND local companies.

Getting the perfect gift for the people you care about is important to you, and we know that! So, we’ve put together a list of brands that will inspire you to find the most amazing (and local) gifts!

See our suggestions!

10 Canadian Brands to Offer as Gifts to Support Local Buying

1. A sustainable local choice with Tentree

Local brand TentreeVancouver-based brand, Tentree, offers accessories and super comfortable clothes for men and women. Ideal for relaxing at the cottage or to layer under a warm winter jacket for a walk through the snow. What’s more, these pieces are eco-friendly and the brand is committed to planting 10 trees (as the name suggests) for each item sold. The only thing left to decide is whether you’d like a hooded vest or a Lyocell Tencel™ pant!

2. A stylish getaway with FIG

Local brand FIGDoes your globetrotter friend miss heading out abroad? Before traveling around the world, why not offer her a gift by FIG, a brand that’s designed for adventurous spirits who like to get away in style!

3. Reach new heights with Quartz Co.

Local brand Quartz Co.Combining sophisticated looks with weather resistance is possible with Montreal-based Quartz Co., a brand led by three engineering brothers. Their mid-season and winter jackets are designed for a northern lifestyle; you can handle frigid weather and gusts of wind without ever having to compromise style. As you scroll through jackets made with powerful insulation, you won’t be able to resist getting yourself a gift as well!

4. The most perfect fishing day with Hooké

Local brand HookePopular among young (and older!) anglers, Quebecois brand Hooké offers casual clothing for hunting and fishing, and even for time out on the water. With a gift from Hooké, you’ll give them something to talk about!

5. An outdoor adventure with Indyeva

brands to offer as gifts IndyevaMother, girlfriend, sister, daughter-in-law… if there’s a woman in your life who thrives on adventure and is constantly amazed by the beauty of nature, we’re willing to bet that she’ll appreciate the aesthetic and practical outdoor clothing from Canadian brand Indyeva. Comfortable, stylish and thoughtfully designed, Indyeva’s clothing and jackets are durable and sustainably made to ensure minimum environmental and social impact. Just the thing to make your favourite adventurer’s eyes shine!

6. A polar expedition with Borealis

Local brand BorealisGet two birds with one stone by offering a practical gift that will warm the hearts of those – including the littles – who will unwrap this gift. Our suggestions: slippers, a warm coat, or a comfy pair of winter boots. The cherry on top? Borealis is designed in Montreal and offers very affordable prices.

7. Hit the water with Pelican

Local brand PelicanAlthough winter is still around, summer is never far away! Now’s the time to get a head start and prepare in advance to offer a kayak or a stand-up paddle board to the sports lovers in your life. A guaranteed success with Pelican, as these sports are only becoming more and more hip and popular!

8. Walking in a winter wonderland with Baffin

Local brand Baffin Your other half already has everything and you can’t think of any ideas? We’ve got you covered! A pair of Baffin winter boots is the perfect choice! The original design is inspired by hunting boots that the First Nations people on Baffin Island wore in the 1980’s. The brand includes models for kids that will keep their little feet extra warm. A great gift idea that will please young and old!

9. Play in the snow with Kombi

Local brand KombiIt’s already been 60 years since Kombi began equipping us for the cold! The brand is mostly known for its gloves and mitts, but also offers baselayers in merino wool and polyester – super practical if you’ll be doing some layering. Among the wide selection of colourful balaclavas for kids and leather gloves for women, you’ll surely find a great gift option!

10. Outdoor activities galore with the SAIL brand

Local brand SAILDon’t know what to choose? The SAIL brand offers outdoor gear and clothing at affordable prices for those wanting to start hunting, hiking, or camping. The only thing your gift-receiver will have to decide is which activity seems the most fun to do!

If you’re still having a hard time deciding, pick up a SAIL gift card! The array of choices is sure to please anyone!

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