2021: The Year to Find Your True Nature


January 1, 2021


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Nature Mountain Background

It’s been quite the different year. What if the absolute best resolution you could make this year would be spending more time in the great outdoors and feeling refreshed and refueled on a more frequent basis? Discover out tips to make this habit one that lasts.

Find Opportunities to Break Out of Old Habits

There is nothing less inspiring than letting yourself fall into the same old habits. Your daily routine, commute to work, daily chores…What if you were able to carve out some time for yourself? Spend one less hour on social media to spend more time with old friends. Stop along the way to discover a new park, a new neighborhood, a breathtaking view. Leave early in the morning to walk to work.

Discover a New National Park Every Season

Whether you want to swim in the lakes in the summer, cross-country ski on white trails in the winter, hike through the colours of fall, or take a leisurely stroll in the spring, the best way to appreciate the passing time is to enjoy the seasons outdoors. You can find a list of parks on the Sépaq website for the province of Quebec, and on the Ontario Parks website for nature-loving Ontarians.

Plan a Hike

Quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some fresh air. Instead of inviting friends over for supper, why not ask them to meet you for a hike – socially distanced, of course! While walking, you’ll enjoy some catching up, and everyone will feel rejuvenated; body, mind, and soul.

Head Out Camping

Break free of your comfort zone! Discover the pleasures of a night of camping. By the fire, under the stars, you are making memories that will last a lifetime. Before your trip, make sure you have all the equipment you need to make it unforgettable.

Take a Monday Off to Get Lost in Nature

Extend the weekend by taking time to enjoy a park, the woods or a hiking trail. Take a deep breath and imagine your coworkers working while you’re listening to the sounds of nature. A breath of fresh air can be as invigorating as an energy drink. And it’s much better for your health.

Work Out Outside Instead of Going to a Gym

One of your resolutions involves working out and you have been faithful to the gym. Good for you! What if you changed up your routine once in a while by going to the park or running outside? There is nothing like fresh air to renew your commitment to good health!

Take the Bike as Often as Possible

Most of the time, we take the car to make short trips to the grocery store, to the gym or to the park. Why not take the opportunity to get active by taking your bike instead? You will not only enjoy the destination, but you are also sure to enjoy the ride.

Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution as Long as You Can

Without putting too much pressure on yourself, try to get out and appreciate the outdoors as much as possible! It’s really the best way to start the year off on the right foot!

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