5 Backpacks According to Your Outdoor Activities


March 25, 2021


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5 Backpacks According to Your Outdoor Activity

Finding the right backpack isn’t always easy, especially since not all bags can be used for every type of activity. Weight, material and technical specifications may vary depending on the activities you practice. Here are 5 backpack suggestions you might need to enjoy the outdoors.

1. Expedition Backpacks

Do you want to go visit Mont Albert or the Chic-Chocs wildlife reserve? Before leaving on an expedition, you want to make sure you have the right backpack, because when in the middle of nature and without recourse, you can easily find yourself in a nightmare situation. With long days and extreme conditions, you’ll want to ensure that your bag will be your ally during your expedition, without having to worry about organizing your things. Designed for one-week expeditions and 3 to 7-day hiking treks, these backpacks generally offer a capacity of 50 L to 75 L, superb comfort, and carrying ability. It provides optimal organization and gear access. Furthermore, you will appreciate it even more if it has an external hydration system that simplifies refilling and protects pack contents from spills. It also has a wide-mouth access sleeping bag compartment with divider, and removable sleeping pad straps. Some bags also feature a removable top-lid that converts into a companion bag if needed.

Expedition Backpacks

2. Hydration Backpacks

Looking for a daypack that also offers a hydration system since you plan on going snowshoeing or hiking? Look for a bag that allows you to both organize gear and has a large storage space for your electronics, food, and water. Also, make sure it’s roomy enough so you can bring a few extra layers with you, especially during days with cold weather. This type of bag contains a hydration system with a reservoir, a drying hook and a good ability to adjust and stabilize the weight in the center of your back.

Hydration Backpacks

3. Daypacks

You can use it to visit a city, carry your favourite sports equipment or take it to work. This type of backpack is perfect for your daily activities, in the city and in nature. Make sure it has several pockets, a back ventilation system that allows great breathability and chest straps to fit your body, you won’t even feel like you’re carrying a bag. Waist bags are also becoming very popular, albeit much smaller.


4. Hiking Backpacks

Do you like climbing mountains or crisscrossing rocky trails along impressive waterfalls? Then, a hiking backpack is the one for you! You will need a backpack that offers excellent adjustable straps, a capacity of 30 L to 40 L (for snacks, compass, headlamp, lighter, base layers, etc.), a good weight retention system, a minimalist and thoughtful design, and a good breathability.

Hiking Backpacks

5. Travel Backpacks

Are you hopeful that overseas travel will resume soon? Until then, are you wondering what type of backpack to bring on a trip? The dreaded question! Of course, the backpack will vary depending on the length of your stay and the type of activities you will be doing. All in all, for a less extreme trip of 2 to 3 weeks, a very practical and comfortable backpack that comes with a carrying case and offers several storage compartments for frequent travelers. Bags that also include a removable bag that can be enlarged for long day hikes, and convenient grab handles will offer better handling during stopovers and trips.

Travel Backpacks

Get your bags ready, and go!

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