Best After-Hike Spots in Quebec


February 16, 2024


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Best After-Hike Spots in Quebec

Ever heard of après-ski? A time to take off your boots and jacket and kick back with a warm beverage, a crisp beer or a nice meal after a day on the slopes. Well, these post-sport gatherings are not the sole preserve of skiers and snowboarders. After your next hiking adventure, why not double the fun by meeting up with fellow enthusiasts for a meal and a drink at a nearby place? In collaboration with Passionnés de Rando, we present a selection of top after-hike spots to visit in Quebec after exploring the great outdoors.

This article was written in collaboration with Passionnés de Rando

Passionés de Rando

In this article, you will discover the best places to relax and recharge after hiking some of Quebec’s most popular trails:

  1. After-Hike in Sutton
  2. After-Hike Near Vallée Bras-du-Nord
  3. After-Hike in Gaspésie Near Mont Vallières
  4. After-Hike Near Mont Gosford
  5. After-Hike Near Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier
  6. After-Hike Near Mont du Dôme
  7. After-Hike Near Montagne Verte
  8. After-Hike Near Montagne Noire
  9. After-Hike Near Montagne de Marbre
  10. After-Hike Near Mont Valin
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After-Hike in Sutton

À l'Abordage

Image by tourisme Sutton

Sutton boasts stunning natural surroundings and a bustling rue Principale with various spots for post-hike relaxation, from cafés and pubs to restaurants and buvette bars.

À l’Abordage Microbrasserie is perfect for refuelling after exploring Round Top trail or Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton. Enjoy locally brewed beers and pub-style meals at the restaurant, or head to the nearby Taproom for local wines, beers, and tasty seasonal meals.

After a winter hike, you can recharge at Kokkaku Ramen with a steaming bowl of savoury noodle soup or a warm and comforting meal inspired by the Japanese tradition. This family-owned gem offers mouth-watering dishes, a selection of sakes, and a charming dining room for a cozy post-hike relaxation.

If you finish your hike in time for happy hour, head to Réserve Naturelle Caviste to discover some of the best wines, ciders and beers from Quebec and beyond. If hunger is calling after a day on the trails, you can also look forward to an exciting, seasonally changing food menu showcasing the chef’s creativity.

After-Hike Near Vallée Bras-du-Nord

Microbrasserie Le Roquemont

Image by Québec Vacances

In Vallée Bras-du-Nord, you can explore year-round on captivating trails like Bras-du-Nord and Hauteur loop. Surround yourself with vibrant foliage, majestic cedars, rocks, and flowing waters, then round off your outdoor adventure at one of the top after-hike spots in Saint-Raymond de Portneuf.

Roquemont Microbrasserie is a Passionnés de Rando community go-to for local beer and a cozy meal in a warm chalet-like atmosphere. Share trail tales by the fireplace after a snowy adventure, or cool down on the terrace during the warmer months.

For a casual after-hike and some comforting bites, swing by Ti-Oui, a beloved local “casse-croûte” overlooking Rivière Sainte-Anne. Kick back on a picnic table and savour tasty snack bar staples, or cool down with an icy treat from the ice cream parlour after a warm summer hike.

If you want to sit down and have a nice dinner after a day on the Portneuf trails, visit Le Calvados Restaurant-Pub. This popular spot offers a warm and cozy atmosphere, a huge terrace in the summer and, according to many grill enthusiasts, some of the tastiest ribs you can get.

After-Hike in Gaspésie Near Mont Vallières

La fabrique

Image by La fabrique

With its towering cliffs, lush forests and majestic mountains, Gaspésie offers outdoor enthusiasts a wide array of possibilities. The famous Vallières-Saint-Réal, for instance, is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Quebec, and that’s just one of the many outdoor destinations that make Gaspésie well worth the detour.

There’s no shortage of options for the after-hike, either. In Matane, Passionnés de Rando hikers love to stop at La Fabrique Pub et Brasserie artisanale for a warm meal and some liquid refreshments. With over 20 beers on tap and a creative menu featuring local ingredients, this friendly spot has something for every after-hiker.

If your stomach is rumbling after hiking the Vallières trail, you can savour a nice post-hike meal at Bistro-bar du Gîte du Mont-Albert near Parc national de la Gaspésie’s Discovery Centre. The cozy atmosphere, fireplace and stunning mountain view provide the perfect setting to unwind after a day in the vast open spaces.

Not far away, by the majestic St. Lawrence River, Le Malbord microbrasserie is another great spot to relax and recharge. Its laid-back atmosphere and locally brewed beers, inspired by Gaspésie’s history and landscapes, are the perfect ending to a day exploring the region’s natural wonders.

After-Hike Near Mont Gosford


Image by Bonjour Québec

Ranging from casual to challenging, the trails in mountainous Mégantic cater to hikers of all levels. The region’s charming restaurants and coffee shops also mean there’s always a delightful after-hike spot nearby.

After hiking Mont Gosford or exploring the trails in Parc national du Mont-Mégantic, you are just a short drive away from Musi-Café. Bask in the famous café’s friendly and relaxed yet festive atmosphere as you rehydrate and savour a dish from their inspired seasonal menu.

If you’re an early riser, your ideal after-hike spot could be Café Bistro La Brûlerie. Head to this lovely bistro and roaster’s bright dining room to re-energize with fresh coffee and a nutritious breakfast or brunch. In warmer seasons, you can also sit on the terrace to keep enjoying the fresh air.

Another favourite in the Passionnés de Rando community is La Garnison Microbrasserie. Head to this casual, authentic spot to enjoy tasty local beers and a variety of satisfying pub-style foods that are sure to make you happy after working up a sweat on the Mont Gosford trails.

After-Hike Near Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier

La souche

Image by La souche

Less than an hour from the city of Québec, Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier is home to captivating forests, rocky valleys, and a dynamic, ever-changing river. Hikers from near and far come to explore the park’s trails and soak in its peaceful and uplifting atmosphere.

La Souche in Stoneham is a post-hike must for many. It offers a diverse selection of beers and other drinks, along with a creative menu showcasing local produce. The spacious terrace surrounded by nature, the cozy dining room and the welcoming ambience create the perfect setting to recharge and enjoy your post-hike bliss.

For a different vibe and a well-deserved caffeine fix, visit Les Gamines, a bright and cozy coffee shop nestled among trees and greenery. Relax by the fire after a hike or trail run, or sink into one of their comfy chairs as you rejuvenate with a delicious hot drink and a tasty breakfast or brunch.

Pascal le Boulanger is another local staple, known for expertly crafted breads, viennoiseries and pastries. It offers a welcoming dining area where you can rest your hiker’s legs and enjoy fresh sandwiches and other delicacies. Since it opens early, it’s also perfect for grabbing something on the way to the park and storing it in a cooler for a first-class trailside after-hike later on.

After-Hike Near Mont du Dôme

Café Charlevoix

Image by Café Charlevoix

The natural splendours of Charlevoix, a land of wide valleys and breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River, provide diverse terrain for both challenging mountain ascents and leisurely strolls with scenic vistas. And the region’s after-hike scene doesn’t disappoint either.

Follow the Passionnés de Rando community’s lead and stop by Café Charlevoix for a nice cup of locally roasted coffee. Sit down to recharge after hiking Mont du Dôme, or fill your reusable mug and head to Quai de Baie-Saint-Paul nearby to enjoy your coffee by the river.

If a post-hike libation is more your style, head to Le Saint-Pub, a fun, casual spot with a diverse menu showcasing the flavours of Charlevoix. Choose from a wide selection of local beers and non-alcoholic drinks to quench your thirst after a day outdoors, and fuel up with a comforting meal in the cozy dining room or on the terrace.

A bit further from the trails, in La Malbaie, you can unwind and savour a nourishing warm meal in the cozy sunroom of Café Chez Nous. Just metres away from the majestic St. Lawrence River, this friendly and colourful place offers tasty coffee and everything from light breakfasts to hearty dinners.

After-Hike Near Montagne Verte

La Stazione

Image by Tripadvisor

Nestled in the natural beauty of Les Laurentides, Montagne Verte offers pristine wilderness and spectacular views. When you finish exploring the trails, you’re just a short drive away from Mont-Tremblant and other hospitable towns where you can expect a pleasant after-hike moment.

La Stazione is a charming restaurant that offers classic Italian dishes and several tasty and nutritious meal options. Hikers in the Passionnés de Rando community enjoy stopping there for a refreshing beer and a tasty meal. The pizzas, in particular, come highly recommended.

Other fellow hikers suggest a stop at Lucille’s Mont-Tremblant, a lively restaurant where oysters are the specialty. On the menu: grilled meats, fresh oysters, classic seafood dishes with a modern twist, and friendly service that makes you feel right at home.

La Diable Microbrasserie, a locals’ favourite, is also a great place to unwind after a day on the trails. Its warm and inviting atmosphere, extensive beer selection, and flavourful menu offer an ideal setting for a well-earned cool-down session.

After-Hike Near Montagne Noire


Image by Brouemalt

Saint-Donat is a nature-filled gem with majestic mountains, stunning lakes, and endless outdoor activities. The Passionnés de Rando community has a sweet spot for the breathtaking panoramas of the Montagne Noire trail… as well as a few favourite spots to unwind after a hike!

After reaching Saint-Donat’s highest summit, you’re likely to be thirsty. Fortunately, Brouemalt Microbrasserie is a short car ride from the trail access point, and its menu is packed with refreshing, meticulously crafted beers and other drinks to keep you hydrated. Pair that with a comforting warm meal or a savoury snack for the perfect post-hike chill-out session.

If hiking has made you hungry and you need to refuel, head to Aux 3 Copains. This family-friendly restaurant offers a wide selection of tasty and nutritious dishes that are sure to hit the spot after hours on the trails. The year-round terrace is also a great place to cool down and chat with your hiking partners.

Across the street, Boulangerie du Village serves made-to-order sandwiches, fresh artisan bread, hot soup, and sweet treats in a warm and friendly atmosphere. With a cozy summer terrace and an outdoor fireplace in the colder months, it is an inviting after-hike destination all year round.

After-Hike Near Montagne de Marbre

Chez Ti-BI

Image by Tourisme Mégantic

If you’ve ever ridden your hiking boots across the trails of the Eastern Townships, you know this region is an absolute delight for nature lovers. And if you haven’t, get ready for a treat! Mountains, valleys and waterbodies await for leisurely forest walks and challenging hikes like the ones on Montagne de Marbre.

After a summer hike, head to Lac-Mégantic for a decadent bite at Casse-croûte chez Ti-Bi. This well-known snack bar is said to make one of the best poutines in Quebec, and everything served there is fresh, filling and tasty – just what you need to satisfy your post-hike cravings.

If you need an energy boost, stop by Ditchfield Microtorréfacteur, where the friendly roasters and baristas ensure every cup of coffee is crafted with utmost care. Relax in the café’s beautiful space as you savour your drink and fuel up with a tasty snack.

A little further from Montagne de Marbre, and only a few kilometres from Parc national de Frontenac, the Passionnés de Rando community recommends Pizzeria Casa-Deli, a charming Italian restaurant with a homely ambience. Sit down with your hiking partners and enjoy one of their delicious pizzas or nourishing pasta dishes to kickstart your post-hike recovery.

After-Hike Near Mont Valin

Distillerie du fjord

Image by Radio-Canada

High above the majestic Fjord du Saguenay, the Monts Valin massif offers unparalleled views of mountains, rivers, lakes and forests that seem to stretch into infinity. As for the after-hike, good news! Saguenay’s hospitality is as legendary as its breathtaking scenery.

After a hike in Parc national des Monts-Valin, swing by Distillerie du Fjord to try the award-winning KM 12 gin and other delicious products inspired by the boreal forest. Grab some great bottles of gin or ready-to-drink beverages made from local ingredients, then head back to your quarters for an intimate after-hike. In summer, you can also enjoy an aperitif and snack on-site to replenish after your outdoor excursion.

Microbrasserie le Saint-Fût, another Passionnés de Rando favourite, is a great place to fuel up after immersing yourself in nature. Enjoy a locally brewed beer and a warm meal featuring Saguenay’s finest ingredients, or quench your thirst with one of the local kombuchas and non-alcoholic drinks on the menu.

If you want to warm up after a winter hike in the Monts Valin, visit Yourte Bistro du Nord for a unique post-hike experience. This cozy yurt-turned-restaurant offers northern cuisine and creative cocktails made with local ingredients, inviting you to discover and appreciate this corner of the world.


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