The best hunting outfitters in Québec and Ontario


April 18, 2023


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Are you planning a hunting trip this year and looking for the right outfitter for your bear, moose, deer or small game hunting expedition? Both Quebec and Ontario are highly popular destinations full of great hunting spots. Here is a selection of the best outfitters based on your hunting type. 

Please note that the outfitters listed in this article are highly sought after. It is best to book several months in advance to ensure you get a spot and can start planning your hunting trip. Several last-minute packages are also available; call your hunting outfitter or have a look at their website.

In this article, you will discover the best hunting outfitters in Quebec and Ontario:

  1. The best hunting outfitters in Quebec
  2. Kenauk Nature
  3. Pourvoirie Lac Geneviève d’Anticosti
  4. Secteur Tourilli
  5. Pourvoirie Waban-Aki
  6. Pourvoirie Mekoos
  7. The best hunting outfitters in Ontario
  8. Eastern Canadian Outfitters
  9. Kanipahow Wilderness Resort
  10. Rainy Lake Outfitters
  11. FAQ

The best hunting outfitters in Quebec

Kenauk Nature

Located 90 kilometres away from Montréal, Kenauk Nature is one of the oldest and largest private reserves in North America. It is perfect for moose (fully guided hunting expeditions to maintain stable moose populations on the property) and deer hunting (male deer with six points or more). Only firearms can be used as hunting weapons. Several packages including guides and accommodation in private chalets are available.

For moose hunting tips, read the SAIL blog articles.

Where: Outaouais region (Quebec)
Game: moose, deer
Accommodation: over 20 chalets available, including traditional ones dating back to the 1930s.
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Moose hunting

Pourvoirie Lac Geneviève d’Anticosti

What makes Anticosti stand out as a hunting destination – in addition to its high concentration of white-tailed deer (over 20 deer per square kilometre)? The fact that you can practise fine hunting within an immense territory such as that of the Pourvoirie Lac Geneviève, which stretches from the north all the way to the south of the island. You can also hunt on the lookout from one of the watchtowers or walk on the many marked trails. Packages including accommodation in charming chalets, houses or cabins are offered. The hunting trip of a lifetime!

Where: Côte-Nord (Quebec)
Game: deer
Accommodation: cedar chalets, former lighthouse keepers’ houses and rustic cabins
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Secteur Tourilli

How do you fancy coming home with a big trophy such as a bear or a moose this fall? At Secteur Tourilli, located in the réserve faunique des Laurentides, you can experience a unique hunting experience by combining the legendary hospitality of the Huron-Wendat Nation guides with some remarkable deer and small game hunting. Ideal for a quick hunting trip, not too far from home.
For bear hunting tips, read the SAIL blog articles.

Where: Québec (Quebec)
Game: bear, moose, deer, small game
Accommodation: two chalets and two cabins
For more information:

Small Game Hunting

Pourvoirie Waban-Aki

Located north of the Mauricie region, a 3-hour drive from Québec City and Montréal, Pourvoirie Waban-Aki boasts 110 km2 of superb forest, is filled with game and still relatively quiet. Eight exclusive areas over 10 km2 each are available for moose hunting, while the other 30 sites are reserved for bear hunting, with access to the territory of the réserve faunique du Saint-Maurice (American plan package). Both beginners and experts who particularly enjoy small game hunting will be equally delighted.

Where: Mauricie (Quebec)
Game: bear, moose, small game
Accommodation: 13 chalets available to rent
For more information:

Bear Hunting

Pourvoirie Mekoos

In the heart of the Laurentian Forest, northeast of Mont-Laurier, you can explore the 346 km2 exclusive hunting territory of the Pourvoirie Mekoos, known for its exemplary wildlife management. You can target moose, bear, deer or small game over 500 kilometres of road and forest paths. Families in particular will love this outfitter. It is ideal for children hoping to harvest their first snowshoe hare or spruce grouse.

Where: Hautes-Laurentides (Quebec)
Game: bear, moose, deer, small game
Accommodation: at the inn, or in one of the 11 comfortable chalets
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The best hunting outfitters in Ontario

Eastern Canadian Outfitters

If wild turkey is your favourite game, we have the perfect destination for you. Whether you are from Quebec or Ontario, Eastern Canada Outfitters is extremely easy to access as it is only an hour away from Ottawa. It is also known for the best wild turkey hunting east of the country. Guided three-day packages are all-inclusive, and with a guaranteed 95% success rate, these are perfect for both beginners and expert firearms handlers.
To know what to bring for wild turkey hunting, read our blog article on the topic.

Where: Lanark and Leeds & Grenville counties (Ontario)
Game: wild turkey
Accommodation: 2 to 10 people chalets
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Kanipahow Wilderness Resort

Did you know that Ontario has one of the most sizable bear populations in North America? Just in the Rainy River sector, there are between 40 and 60 animals spread over 100 km2. This explains why the Kanipahow Wilderness Resort, located close to the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, is a highly sought-after destination for bear hunting. And with a 90% average success rate, it’s not surprising. Rifle hunters can enjoy the strategically placed watchtowers, which provide a clear view over the entire hunting zone. Those hunting with a crossbow or bow and arrows can use portable blinds to increase their chances of harvesting an animal.
To learn more about crossbow hunting techniques, read our blog article.

Where: Sudbury (Ontario)
Game: black bear, moose, small game
Accommodation: Seven six- to twelve-people chalets
For more information:

Rainy Lake Outfitters

Have you heard of the Whitetail Triangle? It is an area located between Dryden and Ignace, in northwest Ontario; with an exceptionally high concentration of animals, it is also one of the best destinations for deer hunting in Canada. Rainy Lake Outfitters is located in this area, west of Fort Frances, and boasts 2000 acres of exclusive hunting territory.

Where: Rainy River District (Ontario)
Game: black bear, deer, wolf
Accommodation: inn
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Deer Hunting


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