Where to hunt white-tailed deer?

Deer hunting in the different regions of Quebec

Since hunting this fearful animal with a sharp sense of hearing and smell is synonymous with adventure and complete immersion in nature, it is important to locate the range of the white-tailed deer, which extends from east to west, from Gaspé to Val-d’Or to the north at Baie-Comeau.

Outfitters in the Laurentians, Estrie, Lanaudière, Lower St. Lawrence and elsewhere, here is a list of places in different regions of Quebec where you can hunt this game.


Over an area of 3600 hectares, the Outfitter of The Boismenu Reserve is a sanctuary for hunting deer, moose, black bear and partridge, as well as fishing. Hunting with a black powder gun, bow or crossbow, the outfitter is easily accessible and offers all the amenities.

Lower St. Lawrence

White-tailed deer, moose, snowshoe hare, ruffed grouse… the Pourvoirie des Trois Lacs welcomes you to its private forests. Housed in cottages, you can hunt with a bow, crossbow or black powder rifle and fish in lakes or rivers. Right of access, boat, wood stove and fireplace, evisceration site, everything is at your disposal for an exceptional stay.


In the heart of the Lake Saint-Pierre archipelago, the Lake Saint-Pierre Outfitter welcomes you to its private game forests and renovated rustic cottages. You will hunt deer and duck with a rifle, bow or crossbow. Its plus: a fishing summer camp for young people aged 9 to 15.


Estrie outfitters are recognized as an ideal area for white-tailed deer hunting. Among them, the Outfitter Aventures Évasion Estrie, near Mont-Mégantic National Park, offers you the opportunity to enjoy a 10,000-acre hunting area. Deer, bear, moose, small game, you will live the dream of every hunter with the best amenities: boat, wood stove and fireplace, battery recharge and evisceration site.


Anticosti makes hunters dream beyond our borders. There are 20.9 deer per square kilometer, one of the highest densities in North America. With Sépaq Anticosti, hunting takes on another dimension: still hunting or hunting from a ground blind, you will experience the ultimate hunting experience from September to October in cottages or rustic camps. Organized flights from Montreal and Quebec City are possible and all your transportation needs are taken care of. You will benefit from the best services of a guide who can calibrate your gun, accompany you in the forest, suggest hunting techniques, and gut and package your game.

Our advice

Once on site, locate abandoned swamps or orchards, deciduous forests, mixed forests, and especially their clearings and edges. You will have a good chance of finding this game, which moves mainly at dusk or dawn. Its territory extends over an area that can range from 20 to 150 hectares and it prefers coniferous forests in winter where it meets in herds, tracing paths between trees.
To learn more about white-tailed deer hunting, do not hesitate to consult our enthusiasts, who will be happy to share their hunting secrets with you.

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