Winter activities to make the most of the season


January 24, 2023


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Winter Activities

Winter therapy – therapy in a winter setting – invites you to enjoy the best the cold season has to offer, explore ways to appreciate and embrace it.

This concept of “winter therapy” was launched by Strøm Nordic Spa in the winter of 2021 to help Quebecers own their nordicity by inciting them to identify what they like about winter, and to enrich their daily lives with the joys inherent to the cold season.

Engaging in a winter sport is assuredly a good way to maintain a heightened sense of happiness throughout the season. Spending time outdoors is widely practised by Scandinavian people to get through winter. In Norway, it is a real lifestyle: friluftsliv, or life outdoors; it becomes a priority, even in intense cold weather. It’s a matter of doing the opposite of what one would naturally do in the winter: bundle up and go outside – even better in nature! Some studies have found that spending at least 2 hours outdoors (or 20 minutes daily) is beneficial for health and well-being, as well as an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety.

This article was produced in collaboration with Strøm Nordic Spa

Nordic Strom Spa

To take advantage of the temperature contrasts and the benefits of the fresh and invigorating air, here are five activities to include in your schedule

  1. Hiking renewed
  2. Snowshoeing at dawn
  3. Cross-country skiing to admire the landscape
  4. Fat biking with friends
  5. Unwinding with a day at Strøm Nordic Spa

Hiking renewed

Rediscover your favourite hiking trails in a winter setting, with trees covered in powdery snow and crisp snow crackling gently under your feet. Pay attention to the elements: the contemplation-inducing silence, a small stream making its way through the icy surface. To enjoy the benefits of walking without going very far, you can also simply stroll around your home, and see how the winter and the cold transform those places you already know so well.

Winter Hiking

Snowshoeing at dawn

Grab a good pair of snowshoes, a headlamp, and head out in the dark to catch, standing in snow, a spectacular sunrise. Starting your day with some outdoor physical activity is an excellent way to boost your energy before tackling your list of chores. For the late risers, a late-afternoon excursion to watch the sunset is also a pleasant way to end a productive day, to transition from work to leisure, and to ease into a restful evening.


Cross-country skiing to admire the landscape

Looking for an exhilarating activity while surrounding yourself with nature’s perfect canvas? Cross-country skiing is the way to go, whether solo or in a group. Dress warmly (but not too much) and explore the beautiful trails the province has to offer. Do some research; many trails are free throughout Quebec, and vary in degree of difficulty – perfect to satisfy individual skill levels!

Cross-country Skiing

Fat biking with friends

Extend the biking season and explore the forest differently. Fat biking is a fun activity on well-groomed trails. The fat bike is easier to maneuver in the snow thanks to its wider tires, as it will not sink. Its bigger handlebars allow for better control on icy or slippery surfaces. This is the perfect activity to remind you that winter is also the season to take on new challenges!

Fat Biking

Unwinding with a day at

Another great way to enjoy the temperature contrasts and to wrap up an active weekend is indulging in some rest and relaxation at the spa. The thermal experience, based on the thermotherapy principle, invites you to alternate heat, cold and relaxation to enjoy the many benefits for body and spirit. Enhance your experience with a massage, a skincare treatment or a gourmet meal at the Nord restaurant for a day of unparalleled rejuvenation. A spa visit in the winter is a gentle way to tame the winter, for example by keeping yourself warm in a whirlpool while snow is softly falling, surrounded by the rich and unique beauty of our Nordic landscape.

Strøm Nordic Spa


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